Zelda Parallel Worlds 20 Download

11/26/2021by admin

28/10/16 - It's been close to 10 years since the release of Parallel Worlds. I'm happy to announce the release of the spiritual sequel to Parallel Worlds - Conker's High Rule Tail over at Zeldix.net!

A complete video walkthrough with a 100% item collection for version 1.1 of The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Remodel. Played in real time on Snes9x 1.55 with re. I can understand if they hacked one of the ROMs, but if that's the situation, WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE PATCH!? This could live up to 'Zelda: Parallel Worlds' if it was released. You just don't spend so much time making a map that detailed if it wasn't playable. I want more info on this project. The parallel-world idea that this game introduced would be reused many times throughout the Zelda series. It also introduced many weapons and ideas that would be used time and time again, such as the hookshot, ice and fire weapons, the spin-attack, the Master Sword, heart pieces, and multi-level dungeons.

Unfortunately this means official 2.0 will probably never happen, unless another group of talented romhackers make it.

Hope you enjoy Conker's High Rule Tail!

2/12/07 - Time does fly. It's nearly been a year since the release! Seph has decided to continue on with the hack.

As for 1.1 it's current status is unofficial, but you can get it here.

5/3/07 - Time Flies. 1.1 is nearly done (I just have to do some final touches), 1.1 will have the Dialogue and typo fixes, but will not have a lot of the other bugs fixed. Geee.... managing a website is hard... >_>

PS: About 2.0, it won't be happening for a loooooooooong time.

11/1/07 - SePH is helping out with the 2.0 dungeons. Things such as the basic dungeon layout won't be changed, think of it as a 'master quest' or 'dungeon bugs fixed' version of the game. You can think of this current version as open beta... if you want.


10/1/07 - For those who are wondering: We have many people working on fixing the monologue and text into the game. Thanks to the hits from many webpages, we had many people offering their help to fix the typos/grammar.

10/1/07 - I kept a counter on the site since it started, and i guess it's time to show it (I think search engine bots finally ran into the site).

2/1/07 - zsnes 1.5 guardhouse video and The Church save srm, for those who are really really stuck on the guardhouse. Also the FAQ has been massively updated.

31/12/06 - Version 1.0 Release!

I don't think I'll need to put a description here, but if you want one, read the Introduction.

Apr 22nd, 2016
Zelda Parallel Worlds 20 Download torrent
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Zelda Parallel Worlds 20 Download
  1. rom name=program.rom size=0x180000
  2. map address=40-6f,c0-ef:0000-7fff mask=0x8000
  3. map address=70-7d,f0-ff:0000-ffff
  4. msu1
  5. rom name=msu1.msu size=0x0000
  6. track number=2 name=loz3-dx-2.pcm
  7. track number=4 name=loz3-dx-4.pcm
  8. track number=6 name=loz3-dx-6.pcm
  9. track number=8 name=loz3-dx-8.pcm
  10. track number=10 name=loz3-dx-10.pcm
  11. track number=12 name=loz3-dx-12.pcm
  12. track number=14 name=loz3-dx-14.pcm
  13. track number=17 name=loz3-dx-17.pcm
  14. track number=19 name=loz3-dx-19.pcm
  15. track number=21 name=loz3-dx-21.pcm
  16. track number=23 name=loz3-dx-23.pcm
  17. track number=25 name=loz3-dx-25.pcm
  18. track number=27 name=loz3-dx-27.pcm
  19. track number=30 name=loz3-dx-30.pcm
  20. track number=32 name=loz3-dx-32.pcm
  21. track number=34 name=loz3-dx-34.pcm
  22. information
  23. name: Legend of Zelda - Parallel Worlds, The (NA).sfc
  24. revision: 1.2a
  25. sha256: 76426b449bdc93cbad5e24ef2ce5280b8fa25e209c7098f0245bba9647115961
  26. rom name=program.rom size=0x180000
Zelda Parallel Worlds 20 Download
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