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The Undertale Quiz

If you've played the game, you know! Asgore has made it a point to collect 8 different souls, each colored according to their strongest trait: Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Perseverance, Kindness, Justice, and Determination! But which soul are you? If you have the DETERMINATION to finish this quiz, you might just find out!:). Who Are You In Undertale Question 2 out of 5. OH NO!İ SHOULD HELP HER! Uyhuhuhu!just gonna make her soul purple it will heal and i will look at my way.

Did you ever wonder which character from the Undertale universe is most like you? This quiz will help you find out!

Undertale characters

There are a plethora of different characters the game features, from the quiet main character Frisk to the jokester Sans or the king of the Underground Asgore. But which is most like you? Find out with this entertaining quiz! Don’t forget to share the result with your friends!

Sans Undertale

Sans is probably the most famous character from the game. The skeleton helps the protagonist on its way and cracks a lot of jokes. But if the player decides to go the most violent way possible, the so-called “genocide route”, he becomes your biggest nightmare!

Frisk Undertale

Frisk is the main character of Undertale. Frisk is a human child that fell to the Underground. Their goal is to return to the surface.

What is Undertale?

Undertale is a role-playing game created by an indie developer called Toby Fox. The game’s release was on September 15, 2015. As a fallen child, the player maneuvers through the Underground, a world filled with monsters. But the game contains a revolutionary new battle mechanic: not fighting at all. Yes, in Undertale, you are able to play as a true pacifist!

Which Undertale Soul Are You Quiz Questions

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Be alone in a library, surrounded by books
Be running, playing sports, or doing something physical
Which Undertale Soul Are You Quiz
Be drawing, writing, singing or pursuing some other artistic activity
Be helping a friend out with a problem/giving support to someone
Be practicing something you enjoy doing to get better at it
Be trying something new and exciting to see how good you can get at it
Be talking to one or two friends about something that happened to you or them
Be fixing some kind of social injustice/breaking up and resolving a fight
You are at a party and someone offers you an illegal drug. What do you do?

What Is Your Undertale Soul

Don't take it, and try to stop others from taking it.
Take it. Why not? Wonder what happens.
Leave the party. This is out of hand.
Pretend to take it but don't actually take it.
Writing/drawing/singing or some other artsitic pursuit
Physical sports of any kind, especially sports that involve contact
It changes all the time. I get good at one thing then move on.
Both! I want both!
Something to do with law enforcement
Something where I get to talk to lots of people
Doing something different all the time
Something quiet that is a solitary job position. I don't like people too much.

Which Undertale Soul Are You - Quiz Quotev

Is being well-liked or having the answers more important?

Undertale Souls Meaning

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