Ultracompare 20 00 0 16 Mm

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Ultracompare 20 00 0 16 Mm in inches

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Fissler isn‘t only about the processing and finishing of metal; it‘s also about giving our best – since 1845. We always focus on striving for perfection. Because that‘s the only way we are able to revolutionize the world of cooking again and again – from the first aluminum pots for electric stoves to modern pressure cookers with multi level valves and even the first non-stick pans. Since its founding by Carl Phillip Fissler, we have led our company to success through continual changes, enhancements, and adaptations.

It would be really nice if you could write me a script. I am not good at programming and don't know java.
I have plenty of text files like the attached one (view here, UTF-8 ).
UltracompareThe point of interest for the script is all the lines containing a value of seconds (a number with one decimal digit). The lines can be found easily because they all begin with 'ELANBegin' or 'ELANEnd'. Here is an excerpt:
ref NA071112-01_E.092
ELANBegin 268.1
ELANEnd 271.2
ELANParticipant A
What the script shall do is to convert the highlighted number which represents seconds to a timestamp of the format hh:mm:ss:cs (i.e. hours:minutes:seconds:centiseconds)
for 268.1 the result would be 00:04:28:10
for 271.2 it would be 00:04:31:20
This result has to appear in round brackets after the decimal number. For the excerpt, the result would be
ref NA071112-01_E.092
ELANBegin 268.1 (00:04:28:10)
ELANEnd 271.2 (00:04:31:20)
ELANParticipant A
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