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11/27/2021by admin
  • NEW 2019 UPDATE: are the best Mac Apps for 2018. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more content like this:
  • Things 3 is among the best GTD apps for its balance of design and features, though it's only available for Mac and iOS devices. Supported platforms: iOS, macOS. Price: $9.99 (iOS), $49.99 (Mac) Todo (by Appigo) Best for offering a free tier of service.
  • So you've got a new Mac and you're looking to install the best Mac apps 2021 for your daily computing life? Well, we've got you covered. There are a wealth content of apps arriving and updating on Mac App Store every single day, which makes it nearly impossible to keep track on the latest and greatest.
  • Apple also chose best apps and games for its specific devices. Alto's Odyssey was named Best Apple TV Game of 2018, Pixelmator Pro for Best Mac App and The Gardens Between as Best Mac Game.

Best Utility Apps For Mac And Windows 2021 : Whenever you buy any Windows PC/laptop or Mac, you need to install a few utility apps to make your device more productive. There are a lot of free and paid apps for windows and mac which claims to make your PC faster, but trust me! Most of them are crap, waste of time and effort. But there are few best utility apps 2021 which actually works and optimizes the performance.

Apple today announced its Best of 2018 selections – its annual, editorial list of what it considers the best content across its App Store and iTunes, along with its top charts of the most.

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  • 1 Best Utility Apps For Mac And Windows 2021

Best Utility Apps For Mac And Windows 2021

#1. Text Expander For Mac

Text Expander is a simple tool which helps me to save a lot of time while writing articles or anything else. You have to set up the abbreviations in the tool and let it run in the background. Whenever you write that abbreviation, the tool will expand the acronym into full form. It really saves a lot of time of those who loves to write.

Best Utility Apps For Mac


#2. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a security tool which always runs in the background to save your system from threats by spyware, annoying pop-ups, terminates the programs which are causing massive damage in performance(usually malware apps).

#3. LastPass For Windows And Mac

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Lastpass is a vault which maintains all your passwords securely. Lastpass does AES-256 encryption and decryption on your PC and saves all the data in the cloud. So every time you don’t have to enter the password, The add-on will do that work with just one click.

#4. DropBox For Windows And Mac

DropBox is a very useful app to encrypt any data which is highly sensitive. You can access your files from anywhere and anytime which I find very helpful whenever I go out of stations. DropBox also allows you to share large size of files with your friends, offers super solid security, making it safer and secure.

#5. Ninite For Windows

Installing or updating apps one by one would consume a lot of time. Ninite can save your time, it will download or update multiple apps simultaneously. The free version comes with fully featured, all the downloads will be virus free. It’s a good tool to save your time and effort.

#6. NoSleep

Usually, your Mac would sleep once you close the lid and terminates all the running programs and downloads. Nosleep will help you to keep your screen turn on even after closing the lid. So you can keep your downloads continue after closing the lid or keep your project running while you take a nap.

#7. Pixel Winch


Pixel Winch is a tiny and simple app which helps you to take screenshots of any particular area of the screen. It also has a built-in editor to adjust or change the dimensions of the image. It is a good tool to produce exemplary screenshots. You can also measure the dimensions of the elements in the app itself.

#8. VLC Media Player

I agree with the fact that windows are good but not perfect according to me. The built-in video player is not capable running 4k videos without giving frame drops or stuck on low-resolution screens. VLC media player does the job pretty well, it will eliminate all the lags and would run the video on its default configured frames.


#9. BootCamp For Mac

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Bootcamp is a useful app which saves your clicks if you have installed Windows on your Mac, tough apple Bootcamp. It will add an icon in the menu bar by which you can restart the computer directly into Windows mode without pressing any additional keys.

#10. Image Resizer For Windows

Image resizing is a simple thing, but it doesn’t come as a built-in feature. Windows XP had this picture resizing feature, but in the later version, it was removed. Brice Lambson who is an employee of Microsoft decided to bring back the image resizing feature back on windows for free. Although Microsoft still doesn’t support image resizer, but Lambson does.

Best Utility Apps 2021

Best Mac Apps For College Students

So, these are the some of Best Utility Apps For Windows & Mac 2021 edition. I hope you will love these apps and these apps help you to do your tasks faster. If you know some other best utility apps for windows and mac then just comment them below. Do not forget to share this post with your friends!

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