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10) QMIDI V.2.0 (Mac) The last entrant on our list of the best free Karaoke Software, QMIDI V2.0 is an enticing option for Mac users who are looking for a karaoke player that supports multiple file formats. With QMIDI V2.0’s actionable tools at your command, you can edit chords and lyrics of multiple songs that you have loaded onto your Mac. Gain in-app access to a library of classic and brand new karaoke songs, with over 20,000 songs available right now and growing. The service is legal for public performance (commercial use license) and is $49-a-month after 7 day free trial. To start a Free Trial or to subscribe just open up LYRX and right-click (Ctrl + Click on Mac) on the PT. Apr 12, 2016 Karaoke Software for Mac OS 1:- KMid v2.4.0 In addition to providing enhanced tempo control and ability to temper with the pitch, this software allows you to adjust the fonts, volume and color of the lyrics that are displayed on the screen.

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Karaoke software for windows

Technology has made it a lot easier to perform a lot of things. Now you can remove the vocals from a given song. This has made possible all thanks to the vocals remover software. You can change the vocal from the music tracks that you choose. Once you have finished changing the vocals, you can save it to your MP3 player or CD.


In case you want to change the vocal for the karaoke song, then you should have a look at the software below. They will guide you in making a choice.

Karaoke sound tools

This software allows you to remove vocals and adjust the tempo of your karaoke songs. You can also merge clips from your tracks. You can also combine multiple songs and come up with one song. There are three modules which are in changing the vocals of your tracks. Karaoke sound tool is all you need to make changes to karaoke music and give it a new definition.


This software tool is used for removing vocals is meant for everyone. It will maintain the quality of your songs. You can easily change your vocal songs into karaoke songs with the lyrics of the music. Once you have the karaoke songs you can easily burn it to your karaoke disc. Musicians and those who love music can use the MTU software to make changes and have a great song. You can get it and enjoy listening to some sweet music.

Voice trap plug-in

Voice trap plug in will remove vocal in karaoke songs. You can create a remix of the karaoke songs. You can even add a few things to make the song have flavor. You will play the song without the vocal and compare it with when the vocal is there.

DJ twist N burn

This software will allow you to bend, warp and mix your songs. This DJ mixing software will enable you to come up with beat mix which you can put to your MP3 and CDs. You will also be able to set the tempo of your music thanks to this amazing software.


You can use this application when you have multiple files. It allows you to perform functions such as cut, paste, delete, paste mix, channel convert, fast zoom, and waveform representation. Other features which you will enjoy by getting this application. You can also record, fast forward and rewind functions.

Analog X

In case you are looking to impress your friends with your singing, then you can make use of analogx. The analogx help in removing vocals. You can change the vocals one channel after another. In order to use this vocal remover, you need to have plug-ins that is supported.

Mp3 karaoke

This is a freeware that is used to create nice karaoke songs. It can eliminate the vocal voice from the files. Some of the features of this software are converting the MP3 files, eliminate the vocal voice, and it allows for on the fly conversion. It is compatible with windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit.

Other vocal remove software for different platforms

There are other platforms in which you can use vocals remover software. In case you are using Mac, Linux, Android, and windows, then you should have a look at the below software components. You will get the right software which will enable you to change the vocals to a song and enjoy listening to your music.

Magic vocal remover-windows

This vocal remove was created to remove the vocals for a given audio file. You can choose the track that you like and remove the vocals from that track. The process only takes a few seconds. The operating systems for this software are windows xp, windows vista, and windows 8 among other windows systems.

Audacity-Mac and Linux

Audacity is an open source editor which can be used for Mac, Linux and Windows. This software enables you to edit the sounds of a song in different ways. It helps you to remove the vocals by reducing them and still retain the music.

Top Karaoke Software For Mac Os

Yogen vocal remover-android

You can listen to songs in a different manner. You can change the lead vocals by using yogen vocal remover. This software removes vocals from a stereo sound. It is suitable for changing the lead vocals. Android users can make use of this software.

What is vocal remover software?

Vocal remover software is an application which will assist you to remove vocals from any karaoke music. There are several vocal programs which one can use to edit songs. The software enables you to listen to your favorite song without the lyrics of the song. All you need to remove the tracks is just some simple steps. There is software that allows you to change the vocal for free while there are those that require you to spend money to get the software.

How to install vocals remover software?

Best Karaoke Software For Mac

In order to change the vocals of your music, you will require suitable software. For this reason, you need to install one of the above software components. Once you install any of the above software components, using them will be a lot easier. The installation process is straightforward and you do not have to spend a lot of time. The application will be running in a short time to help you create amazing music.

The vocals remover software is suitable for those who are passionate about music but for one reason or the other cannot get the right music. It makes it easy for singers and song lovers to create different kinds of music. Removing the vocals will enable you to come up with a whole different mix. It will give you the kind of song that you want. You just need to get the karaoke of your choice and then make changes so that it suits your taste. Go ahead and make changes to your music and you will be amazed at the difference it will make.

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