Third Party Webdav Client For Mac

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The Domino® Webserver supports Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV),a technology that allows users with Designer access to a databaseto edit or move items in the design collection of a database withoutusing a Domino® Designer client.For example, you may build a page using a favorite HTML editor. Using Windows Explorer, you can dragthat page into an NSF file for inclusion in a Domino® application. Similarly, an applicationdesigner collaborating on a project might open an HTML page usingthe Internet Explorer 5.x, edit the page, and then place the pageback into the database. WebDAV technology gives you much greater flexibilityin the development process as you can use third-party tools and contributeto application design from remote Web clients.

Desktop clients. Nextcloud gives you access to your data and communication wherever you are. Our easy to use desktop and mobile clients are available for all major platforms for free! Files, notes, chat, calendars, passwords and more. Nextcloud Hub features a wide range of communication and collaboration capabilities. The client recommendation for WebDAV depends on your Windows version: - For Windows XP: Only non-encryped HTTP connection is supported by the Windows Explorer. So for security, the only viable option is to use third-party clients, such as Cyberduck or Bitkinex.

The types of Domino® databaseresources you can access with a WebDAV client are:

Third Party Webdav Client For Mac
  • File resources
  • Images
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

All passwords are stored in the system Keychain as Internet passwords available also to third party applications. Certificates are validated using the trust settings in the Keychain. Auto discovery of FTP & WebDAV services on the local network. In eXo JCR, we plug in the WebDAV layer - based on the code taken from the extension modules of the reference implementation - on the top of our JCR implementation so that it is possible to browse a workspace using the third party tools (it can be Windows folders or Mac ones as well as a Java WebDAV client, such as DAVExplorer or IE using File.


Settingup WebDAV


Before you use WebDAV, it must be enabled onthe Domino® server. Checkwith your system administrator to make sure WebDAV is enabled in theWeb Site document (found under the Internet Sites view in the Domino® Directory).

Youmust also do the following:

  • Provide the user with either Designer or Manager access in thedatabase Access Control List (ACL). The user also must have both 'Createdocuments' and 'Delete documents' privileges enabled in the databaseACL.
  • On the Advanced tab of the database ACL, set the 'The maximumInternet name & password' field to either Designer or Manageraccess.
  • Ensure that you have the correct proxy settings configured forthe WebDAV client.
    Note: If your WebDAV client uses aproxy server to access the Domino® serverwhere the WebDAV database resides, you may experience problems whenyou try to connect to the WebDAV database. If so, disable the proxyfor access to that server. You can selectively disable the proxy,specifying that the proxy not be used for access to that one particularserver. If you are using MicrosoftWindows Explorer, Internet Explorer5, or Internet Explorer 6 as the WebDAV client, open the browser andgo to Tools - Internet Options - Connections tab. Choose LAN settings,then click the Advanced button. In the Exceptions edit box, enterthe hostname of the Domino® WebDAVserver, such as
  • Check with your server administrator to make sure sessions authenticationis disabled in the Web Site document (found under the Internet Sitesview of the Domino® Directory)that enables WebDAV.

For more information on setting up the Domino® server to use WebDAV, see Administeringthe Domino® System.

Enablingdesign locking

Design locking prevents the situation whereone collaborator overwrites the work of another when working on thesame resource. Some WebDAV clients (such as MS Word 2000, Excel 2000,and Dreamweaver 4.x) will lock the file when it is opened for editsor when the file is saved to a WebDAV server. In order for these clientsto work with WebDAV databases on the Domino® server,you must enable 'Design locking' for each of the WebDAV databases.To turn on design locking for use with WebDAV, enable 'Design Locking'on the Designer tab of the Database Properties box.

In order for design locking to work, the Administrationserver for the database must be accessible. The Administration server(also known as the Master Lock server) is usually the server on whichthe database was created, unless an alternate server is explicitlyspecified on the Advanced page in the Access Control List for thedatabase. Since many applications that use locking do so without explicitaction by the user, check that the Administration server for the databaseis correct and that the server is accessible, and ensure that designlocking is enabled to prevent problems with WebDAV.

Notes® about working with WebDAV

Thefollowing are tips for using WebDAV with an NSF file.

  • If a database has the field 'Don't allow URL open' enabled inthe Database Properties box, then you will not be able to access thedatabase using a WebDAV client.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.01 is required to use WebDAV to accessdatabases on a Domino® server.This upgrade can be downloaded from Macromedia's web site at:
  • In order for Dreamweaver locks (Check In and Check Out) and Designerclient locks to interoperate correctly, the following must be configured.

    In Dreamweaver, under the Remote Sites configuration panel, theuser needs to supply a user name to authenticate -- for example, JamesSmith/Acme -- and a valid password.

    The user must also supplyan e-mail address -- for example, [email protected] This e-mailaddress is what is used for Check In/Out in Dreamweaver. The emailaddress specified in Dreamweaver must exactly match the e-mail addressthat is in the 'Internet Address' field in the Person document inthe Domino® Directory (names.nsf)for the user James Smith/Acme. Only then will both clients recognizethe user to be the same person.


Third Party Webdav Client For Mac Os

  • Microsoft's Front Page 2000 is not a supported WebDAV client foruse with Notes®Domino®.
  • WebDAV-enabled clients on MAC PCs are not supported with the Notes®Domino® Web Server.
  • The following are WebDAV-enabled clients that should work correctlywith WebDAV on a Domino® server: Microsoft Internet Explorer5.0x or greater, Windows Exploreron NT, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Macromedia's Dreamweaver 4.01, Microsoft Word 2000 and Excel2000.
Note:Microsoft usesthe term 'Web Folders' to represent their WebDAV client application.Please refer to Microsoft's documentation for how to use 'Web Folders.'

Third Party Webdav Client For Mac

Note: With Macromedia's Dreamweaver you configure a 'RemoteSite' to use WebDAV in order to access Domino® databases via WebDAV. Please referto Dreamweaver's documentation for more information on how to configurethis.

Desktop and mobile clients for the DataShare service

Desktop and mobile clients for the DataShare service are available for avariety of platforms.

Mobile Clients¶

The Android and iOS clients are available from the Google Play andApple’s App Store respectively.

  • Android(Google Play Store)

  • iOS (will be available shortly)

There are also generic clients available from ownClouddirectly thatcan be used for interacting with MPCDF’s DataShare service but you willneed to configure them yourself to point to


Third-party WebDAV clients¶

Various third-party WebDAV clients are available and often nativelyintegrated into the operating system.

Third Party Webdav Client For Mac Free


Some work better than others, especially the integrated Windows WebDAVclient has some known problems.

For more information, refer to:

To avoid saving your MPCDF password on the device, please use apppasswords:

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