Synology Ups Client For Mac

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  1. I want to configure my ubuntu server as NUT client with my Synology NAS with UPS. I enabled USP server on the Synology NAS and added the IP address of my ubuntu server in the list of permitted.
  2. Synology assistant download mac Synology SSL VPN Client (free) download Mac. Jun 06, 2019 Download the latest version of Synology Drive for Mac for.

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Synology Nas Ups Support

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12Chapter 3: Install DSM on DiskStation

For Mac OS X
1 Insert the installation discinto your computer, and then double-click the SynologyInstallicon on the desktop.
Synology Ups Client For MacSynology
2 In the window that appears, double-click the MacOSXfolder, and then double-click Synology Assistant-
3 Double-cli ck the Synology Assistant.appin the window that appears.
4 Follow step 2 to 4of the “Install from Windows” section to finish setup.
For LinuxSynology nas ups support
The Linux version is optimized for Ubuntudistribution version 8 and 9. You can still try installation on other Linux
If you want to install using the command lines:
Run the script install.shin the Linuxfolder of the installation disc, which will guide you through the steps below.
1 Remove the beta version of Synology Assistant (if any).
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/Synology /usr/local/bin/SynologyAssistant
2 E xtract SynologyAssistant-[number].tar.gzto the directory you want, such as “/usr/local”or “.”
3 If you are using 64bit Ubuntu, install the 32bit libraries.
4 Create the shortcut to /usr/local/bin.
sudo ln -sf /path/install/SynologyAssistant/SynologyAssistant
5 To run Synology Assistant, you can either use the following command:

Synology Nas And Ups

Or run the shortcut:
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