Smart Steam Emu For Mac Os X

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Smart Steam Emu For Mac Os X

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This is a feature that is on the PC Steam version, so it's a standard Steam feature.

While the app bundle may be larger than 20 MB, many elements within the bundle may be less than 20 MB, so the automatic defragmentation would likely still get much of it.

So, all this time I've been naively assuming that Snow Leopard had my back, vis-a-vis the automagical defragmentation of my hard drive. Now you're telling me it won't defrag files larger than 20MB?
I don't know about you, but that's about 90% of the files on my hard drive.
So I googled 'How to defrag your mac hard drive'. And got 'about 621,000 results', all telling me that I don't need to do this, since Mac OSX will do it on it's own!
Seriously. How do I defrag my drive?

Maybe it's 90% of the space, but I kind of doubt it's 90% of the files.

You can buy the 3rd-party application iDefrag for a few bucks. It does its job well; at least for me.
The real problem with fragmentation isn't so much fragmented files as the files being cluttered all over the disk; causing lots of seeking back and forth on the drive. For that reason I regularly defragment and optimize my drive; else the hard disk in my Mac mini gets too noisy and annoying (you can hear it in a silent room when it seeks extremely on a frequent base).

This isn't really doing what you're inferring. With most (older) Steam games, they were distributed as monolithic GCF files. The GCFs are containers for all the actual game files. Since we're Mac users here, it's probably easiest to relate them to sparse disk images. As such, it is possible for the contents of that GCF to become fragmented as updates are released. The Steam defrag resolves this, but if the GCF itself is split up, you need a secondary tool to resolve that.
Most newer games use NCF files, which leave the game data outside of GCFs and thus entirely subject to operating-system-level defrag.Thus, depending on the game, the Steam defrag either does a half-job or nothing at all.

Defragmentation is the way to defrag Mac and improve it's performance. However Mac OS X has the ability to defrag files of upto 20 MB file size but, for large file you need to use any third party tool like iDefrag, Stellar Drive Defrag, Drive Genius etc..

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