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The free trial version is limited to making sports
schedules for up to 6 teams. The full unlimited version of Schedule Creator team pairing software may be purchased for $4.95.
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Windows 7 SP1 or Higher



Mac OS
Mac OS X 10.10.5 or Higher
Apple Silicon



Mac Scheduling App

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How to use our Sports Schedule Maker:

School Scheduling Software For MacSchoolMac

School Scheduling Software

To make a sports schedule, enter the number of teams
(this must be in even intervals).
Next, enter the number of weeks the sports
schedule will encompass.
Sports Schedule Shuffling:
There are three options
- Shuffle Row
- Shuffle Columns
- Shuffle Repeating Rows
Shuffling allows you to mix up how the sports schedule is produced.
Shuffling the rows from within Sports Schedule Maker lets you mix up when teams are paired up against each other. By default team one is paired up with the highest team the first week, followed by the next highest week the following (so on and so on). By shuffling the rows team one is not guaranteed to be paired with the highest team the first week.
Shuffling the columns allows you to mix up the sports schedule within each week. By default with this sports schedule option off team one will be paired in the first position each week. This option is defaulted on.
Shuffling the repeating rows allows the columns to be shuffled once each team has been paired with each team. For this option to become available the number of weeks must exceed the number of teams. This team pairing feature allows teams being paired the second time to not necessarily be paired in the same slot as before.
Sports Scheduling:
Optionally you can set up a date schedule.
Enter the start date and the first starting time:
And the interval between each sports event:
When using Sports Schedule Maker, if there are any dates that will be skipped (holidays...) entered them in the off dates window; otherwise, when the schedule is created every week is assumed.

Creating a Schedule:

Once all the sports schedule maker options have been picked press the Create Schedule button.
This will generate a sports schedule.
Once generated you can Export your sports schedule using the export feature. This allows you to import the sports schedule into a word processor or spreadsheet program.

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