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Prototype game - play for free online

The history of Alex Mercer

A limited number of the launch quantities of Prototype® 2 will contain free access to RADNET via a one-time use code that gives fans 55 free pieces of additional content delivered for seven weeks following the game's launch. This weekly scheduled content will include in-game Events, Challenges, Avatar Items and Behind-the-Scenes videos, as. Dec 29, 2014 Prototype 2's New York Zero is split into areas, depending on the level of viral infection. There's green, which should be safe, yellow, which is poor and full of shanty towns, where the virus can be found, and red, where the virus is rampant. You'll do missions in all of these areas, on your way to confront Alex Mercer.

  • Jul 21, 2020 Prototype 2 - the continuation of the cruel and bloody bestselling game developed by Radical Entertainment in 2009. The second part of the game will continue the story of the transformation of man into an absolute weapon.
  • PROTOTYPE 2’s NYZ open-world sandbox is broken up into three completely distinct zones. From the heavily militarized “Green Zone”, to the overcrowded refugee shanty town camps of the quarantined “Yellow Zone”, all the way to the war-ravaged nightmare known as the “Red Zone” – this is a city unlike anything gamer’s have.
  • Prototype 2 Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Prototype 2 is a RPG game where you don’t have to destroy anyone.

The prototype - a typical game action that has won thousands of fans of different age and target audience. Especially popular game enjoyed by fans of Parkour. A series of games of the assassin contains complex elements of this urban sport. The game's plot is consistent, is depicted by a clear, entertaining and designed for gamers with different range of interests.
The protagonist of the game prototype - Alex mutant. He has the ability, not characteristic of ordinary people:

Prototype 2 Free
  • incredible power;
  • superhuman speed and agility;
  • The unusual live performance;
  • but more importantly his ability - the ability to absorb.

What does it mean to absorb? This means to transform into any he met on the way a person. To transform not only externally but also internally. Alex can completely 'read' a person's inner world, his memories and feelings. These features Alex uses partly in order to understand their story: how an ordinary guy Alex Mercer became a monstrous mutant?

Help Alex to perform all tasks while playing games prototype

The game is set in New York. But not today, as the city of the distant future, in a city riddled unknown virus. The city imposed martial law in spite of which the population spread panic and anarchy. You will have to carry the image of Alex's very difficult quests, the main purpose of which is to collect the genetic material. At the same time on your way will arise various obstacles:

  • evil mutants;
  • The unit 'Black Watch';
  • The inhabitants of Manhattan;
  • The US Army soldiers.

Be ready for whatever

In this case, your character will constantly change their appearance and behavior, absorbing its enemies. So be ready to act in the guise of an old man, a young journalist, soldier, 'Black Watch' vile mutant vampire. But whatever the appearance did not take Alex - his sverhvozmozhnosti always stay with him. He's a great Parkurist can navigate without relying on vertical surfaces, while using her hands as a deadly loops. The main thought that runs through the game and gave it the name, is that people can turn into terrible weapons of war. It does not matter as it is - by virtue of whether military laboratory experiment or by the mutagenic agents. Such a hero to become the main character in many movies, comic books, well, and of course computer games. It is important that this character carries a unique dynamism and complexity of the story that will keep you in suspense throughout the game.

Prototype 2 free download for pc

Overview of Game


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Prototype 2 Free Download For Pc Windows 7

Prototype is a trial version of everything. This open world action and adventure game is developed by the eminent Canadian Studio that is Radical Entertainment and is spread by Activision. This game is a sequel to the initial game known as Prototype released in 2009. The announcement of the game took place in the Spike VGA Awards in 2010 for platforms like Play Station 4 and Xbox One. The first part of the game was released on 14th July 2014 along with the other version, Prototype Biohazard Bundle. The separate complete Prototype 2 game came into the gaming market in August 2015.

Prototype 2 Gameplay Trailer


Prototype 2 Gameplay

Prototype 2 Free

This role playing game brings the character James Heller into the picture that is expected to take the rest of the players with him by using his mind that basically is your mind through the yellow zone where multiple activities are being performed that needs proper maneuvers to be performed in order to clear the zone. To ensure that the game is not over done and every element of the game runs smoothly and effectively, there has been an addition of a reasonable Active Link in the background. Use your simple human abilities as well as the additionally developed super human and super hero powers that include extreme damage to the opponent and powers like flight jumping, way higher than normal humans. With the never ending Stamina, skimming and powerful hits directly to the enemy, win these battles.

The group in the game belongs to the symbols denoting them, placed over their heads. There are a range of murders going on in the prototype II where the heads are chopped off, vehicles are being tossed and thrown their power supplies and being cut out and the head power is being hacked off giving off the control of the prototype location to you. Play the side mission and perform numerous tasks provided the military.

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Prototype 2 Free Installer


Download Prototype 1

Prototype 2 System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Corei3
RAM: Need 2 GB RAM
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT,
Free Disk space: 10 GB

Prototype 2 Game

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