Prestressed Concrete Design Example

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  1. Prestressed Concrete Design Manual
  2. Prestressed Concrete Pile Design Example

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  • The modular ratio of reinforcing to concrete should be rounded to the nearest whole number. An exception is made for prestressed members where the modular ratio is rounded to two places in this example. Precast Box Beam 7.46 3818 28,500 n = = Use n = 7.46 for Prestressing in Beam at Transfer 7.00 4070 28,500.
  • Sl.No Contents Page No. PRESTRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURES UNIT I - THEORY AND BEHAVIOUR 1.1 Pre-stressed concrete 2 1.2 Types of pre-stressing 2 1.3 Losses 3 UNIT II - DESIGN CONCEPTS 2.1 Analysis of beam section - concept 18 2.2 Elastic Design for flexure 38 2.3 Permissible stresses for flexure member 41 2.4 End block 54 UNIT III CIRCULAR.

To exchange experience in the design of torsion-critical structures as well as new research insights on torsion, Joint ACI-ASCE Committee 445 and Subcommittee 445-E organized two sessions titled “Examples for the Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Members under Torsion” at the ACI Fall Convention 2020. DESIGN EXAMPLE 1 This example illustrates the design of an interior and exterior beam of a precast prestressed concrete beam bridge using fully prestressed beams with harped bonded strands in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, Third Edition, Customary US Units and through the 2005 Interims. Eurocodes Prestressed Concrete Beam Design Example Author: Subject: Eurocodes Prestressed Concrete Beam Design Example Keywords: eurocodes,prestressed,concrete,beam,design,example Created Date: 10/4/2021 3:30:00 AM.

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Prestressed Concrete Design

  • Civil Engineering Design (1) Dr
  • Caprani6 1.3 Advantages of Prestressed Concrete The main advantages of prestressed concrete (PSC) are: Smaller Section Sizes Since PSC uses the whole concrete section, the second moment of area is bigger and so the section is stiffer: Smaller Deflections The larger second moment of area greatly reduces

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Lecture 24 – Prestressed Concrete

  • • More complicated design Typical Precast Prestressed concrete members
  • Lecture 24 – Page 2 of 12 Pre-Tensioned Prestressed Concrete: Pre-tensioned concrete is almost always done in a precast plant
  • A pre-tensioned Prestressed concrete member is cast in a preformed casting bed
  • The BONDED wires (tendons) are tensioned prior to the concrete

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Comprehensive Design Example for Prestressed Concrete (PSC

Design Step 5.6.6 - Fatigue in prestressed steel (S5.5.3) Article S5.5.3 states that fatigue need not be checked when the maximum tensile stress in the concrete under Service III limit state is taken according to the stress limits of Table S5. 12PA: 25MOZ Rank: 40

Comprehensive Design Example for Prestressed Concrete (PSC

  • Comprehensive Design Example for Prestressed Concrete (PSC) Girder Superstructure Bridge Design Step 4 Deck Slab Design Design Step 4.1
  • In addition to designing the deck for dead and live loads at the strength limit state, the AASHTO-LRFD specifications require checking the deck for vehicular collision with the railing system at the extreme event limit state. 12PA: 24MOZ Rank: 40

Prestressed Concrete Design

  • Prestressed Concrete Design – Concept
  • LOSS OF PRE-STRESS A reduction in initial pre-stress resulting from the combined effect of creep, shrinkage or elastic shortening of the concrete, relaxation of the reinforcing steel, frictional losses resulting from the curvature of the draped tendons and slippage at the anchorage.
Prestressed Concrete Design Example pdf

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A new concept for prestressed concrete

  • More recently, a third concept has been developed, chiefly by the au­ thor, but undoubtedly also utilized 0 Professor of Civil Engineering, University of California As published in the Australian Construc­ tional Review, Sept
  • In the overall design of a prestressed concrete

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Precast, Prestress Bridge Girder Design Example

  • Precast, Prestressed Girder Design Example –PGSuper Training ( 2/4/2020) 1
  • The purpose of this document is to illustrate how the PGSuper computer program performs its computations
  • PGSuper is a computer program for the design, analysis, and load rating of precast, prestressed concrete girder bridges.

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  • The superstructure design includes the following elements: deck design, prestressed girder design, and bearing pad design
  • Deck design follows the NMDOT standard deck slab detail in Chapter 4 of the NMDOT Bridge Procedures and Design Guide, hereinafter referred to as Design Guide
  • Girder analysis and design is performed using the computer

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An Innovative Design Solution for Precast Prestressed

  • structural system for precast, prestressed concrete buildings in high seismic zones
  • The key element in the system is the beam-to-column connection that is comprised of high performance ductile rod connectors
  • Fully tested, the design concept was applied to a four­ story parking structure
  • The design features of the building are

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A Legacy Since The 19th Century

  • Voo produced UHPC prestressed bridge products that are fifty percent of the weight and double the capacity of normal concrete
  • Upon his return, Mason worked with WJE and Dr
  • Maher Tadros, and created a proprietary UHPC mix design in the Tampa plant.

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(PDF) Prestressed concrete design Andres Dela Cueva

  • The usual range of concrete cylinder strengths used in prestressed concrete is 25–50 N/mm2, with values at the lower end of the range used for slabs, and those at the upper end for beams
  • Details of the design of mixes to achieve these strengths are given by the Department of the Environment (1975).

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prestressed concrete Topic

  • Prestressed concrete is structural concrete in which internal stresses have been introduced to reduce potential tensile stresses in the concrete resulting from loads
  • This introduction of internal stresses is called “prestressing” and is usually accomplished through the use of tendons that are tensioned or pulled tight prior to being anchored to the concrete.

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  • Precast prestressed concrete girder design is normally based on the use of 0.6-inch diameter, 270 ksi low relaxation strands, for economy
  • Use of 0.5-inch diameter strands is less common
  • in diameter strands may be used for stay-in-place precast deck panels 10PA: 50MOZ Rank: 74

Prestressed Concrete Beam Design/Analysis Program

  • PSTRS12, Prestressed Beam Analysis was a prestressed concrete beam analysis program used to check optional beam designs when given the end and centerline strand patterns and other design parameters
  • Required concrete strength and moment capacity … 19PA: 50MOZ Rank: 84

Prestressed Concrete

  • Prestressed concrete bridge beams typically use 15.7 mm diameter (but with an area of 150 mm 2 )7-wire super strand which has a breaking load of 265 kN

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Prestressed Concrete Design

  • In prestressed concrete structural members
  • the anchorage zone where the prestressing force from the stæssed tendons transferred to the concrete either by bond between steel and concrete (pre-tensioned construction) or by bearing-type anchorages consouction) may be considered as a disturbed or D- region.

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Prestressed Concrete Design

1.2 Need for Prestressed Concrete 1.3 Brief History of Prestressed Concrete 1.4 Structural Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Member 1.5 Methods of Prestressing 1.5.1 Pre-tensioning 1.5.2 Post-tensioning 1.6 Types of Prestressed Concrete 1.6.1 Classification as per IS:1343–19801 1.6.2 Other Classifications 1.7 Comparison with Reinforced Concrete

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PDF Prestressed Concrete Design eBook Download Full

  • This edition provides up-to-date guidance on the detailed design of prestressed concrete structures
  • All major topics are dealt with, including prestressed flat slabs, an important and growing application in the design of buildings

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  • CHAPTER 11: PRESTRESSED CONCRETE 11.1 GENERAL (1) This chapter gives general guidelines required for the design of prestressed concrete structures or members with CFRM tendons or CFRM tendons in conjunction with steel tendons
  • (2) Prestress levels shall be determined to ensure that the structure or member can fulfill its purpose

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Precast & Prestressed Concrete Single Family Home

  • Building a dream home is not an occasion to compromise on quality
  • Our precast building components designed for single family homes are the simplest way to achieve your dream design in a way that promotes and protects a home’s energy efficiency, security and serenity.

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Prestressed concrete

  • Prestressed concrete is a form of concrete used in construction
  • It is substantially 'prestressed' during production, in a manner that strengthens it against tensile forces which will exist when in service.: 3–5 This compression is produced by the tensioning of high-strength 'tendons' located within or adjacent to the concrete and is done to improve the performance of the concrete in service.

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Design of Prestressed Slab

  • • Normally design as a beam with cables running in the direction of the span at uniform centres
  • • A slab strip of unit width is analysed using simple beam theory
  • • In any span, the max cable sag, zd depends on the concrete cover requirements and the tendon dimensions
  • • When zd is determined, the prestressing force required to balance an

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  • concrete (RC) without prestressing
  • A fully prestressed concrete member is usually subjected to compression during service life
  • This rectifies several deficiencies of concrete
  • The following text broadly mentions the advantages of a prestressed concrete member with an equivalent RC member
  • For each effect, the benefits are listed. 14PA: 50MOZ Rank: 89

Pre-Tensioning and Post-Tensioning in Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete Design Manual

  • The prestressed concrete design of a structure is influenced by either of the two processes, pre-tensioning, and post-tensioning
  • Pre-tensioning can be further classified into two categories such as linear pre-tensioning and circular pre-tensioning
  • Pre-Tensioning and Post-Tensioning in Prestressed Concrete Design Pre-Tensioning in

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[PDF] Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst Book Free

  • Download Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst – The purpose of this book is to explain the fundamental principles of design for prestressed concrete structures, and it is intended for both students and practising engineers
  • Although the emphasis is on design—the problem of providing a structure to fulfil a particular purpose—this can only be achieved if

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Prestressed Concrete

  • Prestressed concrete has experienced greatest growth in the field of commercial buildings
  • For buildings such as shopping centers, prestressed concrete is an ideal choice because it provides the span length necessary for flexibility and alteration of the internal structure.

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WisDOT Bridge Manual Chapter 19 – Prestressed Concrete

  • Chapter 19 – Prestressed Concrete July 2021 19-3 19.1 Introduction This chapter provides information intended for prestressed I-girders
  • Prestressed box girders and general prestressed concrete guidelines are also included in this chapter
  • The definition of prestressed concrete as given by the ACI Committee on Prestressed Concrete is:

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CE 416 Prestressed Concrete Sessional (Lab Manual)

  • prestressed concrete could be used with confidence
  • Currently many bridges and skyscrapers are designed as prestressed structures
  • This manual intends to provide a general overview about the design procedure of a two way post tensioned slab and a girder
  • To provide a complete idea, the stress computation, the reinforcement

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Prestressed Concrete

  • Prestressed Concrete Design Priodeep Chowdhury
  • What to Upload to SlideShare SlideShare
  • Be A Great Product Leader (Amplify, Oct 2019) Adam Nash
  • Trillion Dollar Coach Book (Bill Campbell) Eric Schmidt

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Prestressed-Concrete Structure

  • Page 8 2013 Indiana Design Manual, Ch
  • 406 The following will apply to concrete
  • The design compressive strength of normal -weight and lightweight concrete at 28 days, f
  • c′, shall be in the range as follows: a
  • prestressed box beam: 5 to 7 ksi b
  • prestressed I-beam: 5 to 7 ksi c

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What is Prestressed Concrete

  • Today we’re talking about prestressed concrete
  • It’s meeting design criterion number 1 - it’s holding the load (in this case 6 tons) without failing
  • But it’s not meeting design criterion number 2 (serviceability) - it’s deflecting too much and the concrete is cracked
  • Those cracks not only look bad, but in an actual structure

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Design of Connections for Precast Prestressed Concrete

  • Clough A Research Investigation by ABAM Engineers Inc
  • 500 South 336th Street, Suite 200 Federal Way, Washington 98003 Supported by National Science Foundation Washington, DC Grant No

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Prestressed Concrete Design

  • This is a video lecture for Prestressed Concrete Design
  • This lecture introduces some of the basic concepts for prestressed concrete and gives a brief overvi

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Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bent Caps: Volume 2 Design

  • Cooperative Research Program TTI: 0-6863-R1-Vol2
  • Technical Report 0-6863-R1-Vol2
  • Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bent Caps: Volume 2 Design Recommendations and Design Examples

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What is Prestressed Concrete and How Does It Work

  • Understanding Prestressed Concrete Design
  • So, what exactly is prestressed concrete??To explain that, we first need to talk about conventional reinforced concrete as a comparison
  • Normally, all the stresses of the weight on a reinforced concrete structure are …

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Prestressed Concrete Design

  • This example problem is in Module 9 of my Prestressed Concrete Design course (Design for Flexure)
  • This example goes through a full design for flexure for a

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Applications of prestressed concrete

  • Prestressed concrete is used in a wide range of building and civil structures, from bridges to offshore platforms where its improved performance can allow for longer spans, reduced structural thicknesses, and material savings compared with simple reinforced concrete
  • applications of prestressed concrete are many

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Prestressing methods in Prestressed Concrete

  • Prestressing is a method of inducing Compressive stress into a structural member by tensioning the steel, before subjecting to service loads
  • Prestressing is adopted for structures like bridges ,large spanned auditoriums, silos, …

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Prestressed Concrete Design by M.K. Hurst

  • Prestressed concrete is widely used in the construction industry in buildings, bridges, and other structures
  • The new edition of this book provides up-to-date guidance on the detailed design of prestressed concrete structures according to the provisions of the latest preliminary version of Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures, DD ENV 1992-1-1: 1992.

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751.21 Prestressed Concrete Slab and Box Beams

  • EPG 751.21 Prestressed Concrete Slab and Box Beams illustrates the general design procedure for prestressed concrete slab and box beams using AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications except as noted
  • Spread beams shall be composite with a reinforced concrete slab in accordance with EPG 751.10.1 Slab on Girder.

Epg.modot.orgDA: 13PA: 50MOZ Rank: 8

Prestressed Concrete Analysis and Design: Fundamentals

  • This second edition of ”Prestressed Concrete Analysis and Design: Fundamentals” is completely updated and expanded
  • It is written for advanced students, professional engineers, and researchers
  • It is meant as a thorough teaching text, a comprehensive source of …

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Precast and Prestressed Concrete Manufacturing

  • All prestressed concrete products shall be designed to support the dead load indicated on the plans and live loads in accordance with ACI 318 - Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete
  • All prestressed concrete design shall be …

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Prestressed Concrete Pile Design Example

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Bridge Geometry and Materials

Bridge Superstructure Geometry

ElementParameter name in templateValue in exampleUnitValue in templateUnit
Thickness of deck slabTdc6in
Thickness of wearing course
average width




average width




Median strip









Span lengthSp95ft28.956m
Girder spacingCC6ft

Girder Dimensions
DesignationParameter name in templateValue in example (in)Value in template (mm)
width at end sectionWidth_end22558.8

Figure 2b - Girder dimensions in example 16-3
Note: Figure 1b above shows the section used in the example. The I-shaped precast girder's top flange incorporates the slab.

Tendon no.Distance from bottom at mid-section, in [mm]Distance from bottom at end section, in [mm]
12 [50.8]14 [355.6]
22 [50.8]22 [558.8]
32 [50.8]6 [152.4]
42 [50.8]22 [558.8]
52 [50.8]14 [355.6]
65 [127]30 [762]
75 [127]38 [965.2]
85 [127]38 [965.2]
95 [127]30 [762]
108 [203.2]46 [1168.4]
118 [203.2]46 [1168.4]
Note: Distances in mm are values used in the template.
Center of gravity of tendon from the bottom, cg = 4.2 in (106.7 mm) [106.2 mm]a,b


Concrete Strength

Prestressed girders

Specified compressive strength of concrete at time of initial loading or prestressing, f'ci (fc_iGirder)c = 4000 psi (28 MPa)a
Specified compressive strength of concrete after 28 days, f'c(fc_Girder)c = 4500 psi (31 MPa)a

Deck slab

Specified compressive strength of concrete after 28 days, f'c(fc_Slab)c = 4500 psi (31 MPa)a

Concrete Unit Weight

For computing Ec:Unit weight, γiConcrete(w_co)c = 0.145 kcf [23 kN/m3]a(Table 3.5.1-1)
For DL calculation: Unit weight, γConcrete(w_c)c = 0.150b kcf [24 kN/m3]a(Table 3.5.1-1 and C.5.1)

Concrete Elastic Modulus

Modulus of elasticity of concrete at transfer, Eci(Ec_igirder)c = [25,664.82 MPa]a,b
Modulus of elasticity of concrete, Ec(Ec_girder)c = 4,000,000 psi (27.6 kPa) [27,004.75 MPa]a,b

Deck slab

Modulus of elasticity of deck concrete, Ec deck(Ec_slab)c = 4,000,000 psi (27.6 kPa) [27,004.75 MPa]a,b

Wearing Course

Unit weight of wearing course, γWC (w_wc)c= 0.150 kcf [24 kN/m3]a

Reinforcing Steel

Specified minimum yield strength of reinforcing bars, fy (f_y)c = 40 ksi [275 MPa]a(
Modulus of elasticity of reinforcing bars, Es = 28,000,000 psi [193,053 MPa](

Prestressing Strands

0.196' uncoated, stress-relieved wire confirming toAASHTO M204 (ASTM A421)

Area of prestressing steel, Aps (NomArea_cable)c = 0.0302b in2 [19.48 mm2]a,b
Specified tensile strength of prestressing steel, fpu (f_pu)c = 250,000 psi [1,720 MPa]a (Table
Yield strength of prestressing steel, fpy = 200,000 psi (1,379 MPa)
Assuming use of prestressing steel other than low-relaxation strand,
fpy (f_py)c = 0.85 fpu = 212,500b psi [1,462 MPa]a,b(Table
Modulus of elasticity of prestressing tendons, Ep (E_p)c =
28,000 ksi [193,053 MPa]a (

bComputed value
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