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Question: How many mouse clicks and keyboard finger tappings does it take to categorize an email message, move it to a folder, add a follow-up flag, reply to it, and create a meeting request about it? Answer: One, if you're using a Quick Step. Quick Steps, new in Outlook 2010, is a feature that applies multiple actions at once to an email message. I like to think of Quick Steps as rules that I. To use a keyboard shortcut that is the same as a default Mac OS X keyboard shortcut, you must first turn off that Mac OS X keyboard shortcut. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Under Hardware, click Keyboard, and then click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. For the keyboard shortcut that you want to turn off, clear the check box.

How to add and create stationery in Outlook?

On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts. Right-click anywhere in the gallery pane and choose Organize and Delete from the context menu. In the dialog box that appears, select the entry you want to modify and click Edit Properties. Make the changes and click OK to save them. Create AutoCorrect Shortcuts in Office 365 Mac Similar to Windows Office version, you can also easily setup custom AutoCorrect shortcuts in Office 365 Mac version. Open Word or any other app and navigate to “Preferences” section by pressing “Command +,” keys.

A plain email message might be ignored, or make recipients hard to read in detail. Adding stationery will make your email message interesting and attractive. And here are some tricks to create custom stationery, and add / apply stationery in either all email messages or a single one easily.

Create new stationery for email messages

There is a stationery library in Outlook for your applying. However, you may not find out a fit one for your email message in some cases. And here we will show you how to create custom stationery in Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1: Create a new email message, and configure its formats.

Step 2: Click the File > Save As.

Add Icon Shortcut To Toolbar

Step 3: The Save As dialog box comes out, copy and paste the %appdata%microsoftstationeryin the address box, and press the Enter key. See the screen shot:

Step 4: Type a stationery name in the File name: box.

Step 5: In the drop down list of Save as type:, select the HTML (*.htm; *html).

Step 6: Click the Save button.

Close the message window. And stationery with the formats style that you configured in Step 1 has been created and saved. The new stationery is added into the stationery library, and you can apply it later.

Microsoft outlook toolbarOutlook For Mac Create Shortcut On Tool Bar

Add and apply stationery for all email messages

This section is about how to add or apply stationery for all email messages, including all new email messages, replying messages, and formatting messages.

Step 1: Open the Outlook Options dialog box:

  1. In Outlook 2010 / 2013, click the File > Options;
  2. In Outlook 2007, click the Tools > Options.
Outlook for mac create shortcut on tool bar mac

Step 2: Click the Stationery and Fonts button.

  1. In Outlook 2010 / 2013, click the Mail button in the left bar, and the Stationery and Fonts button stays in the Compose messages section.
  2. In Outlook 2007, the Stationery and Fonts button is placed in the Stationery and Fonts section under the Mail Format tab.

Step 3: In the Signatures and Stationery dialog box, please select theme and font by clicking the Theme button and Font buttons.

Note: In the Theme or stationery for new HTML e-mail message section, if you select a theme, and select the Use theme’s font in the font box, the Font button in New mail message section is gray and invalid. So does the Font button in the Replying and forwarding messages section.

Step 4: Click OK button.

After you finish the setting, the selected stationery will be added and applied to all new email messages, replying messages, and forwarding messages.


Add and apply stationery for one email message

Quick Access Toolbar Shortcut Keys

Occasionally, you may want to apply stationery for just one special message. And you can do it as following:

First of all, make sure the main outlook interface is in the Mail view. It will shift to the mail view by clicking the Mail button in the Navigation pane.

Mac Create Shortcut On Desktop

Step 1: Click the Home > New Items > E-mail Message Using > More Stationery in Outlook 2010 / 2013.

If you are using the Outlook 2007, please click the Actions > New Mail Message Using > More Stationery.

Step 2: In the Theme or Stationery dialog box, select stationery from the Choose a Theme: box, and click OK.

Step 3: A new message window opens, and selected stationery is applied in it. Just compose your email message and send it.

Save or Export Multiple emails to other fomat files(PDF/HTML/WORD/EXCEL) in Outlook

Sometimes, you may want to save or export the emails to a folder as other format files, such as PDF, Word or Excel files in Outlook. In Outlook, neither of the Save as and Export function can handle this job. However, Kutools for Outlook's Save as file utility can export multiple emails to a folder as files with multiple formats at once time . Click for 60 days free trial!
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  • Reply (All) With All Attachments in the mail conversation; Reply Many Emails in seconds; Auto Add Greeting when reply; Add Date into subject...
  • Attachment Tools: Manage All Attachments in All Mails, Auto Detach, Compress All, Rename All, Save All... Quick Report, Count Selected Mails...
  • Powerful Junk Emails by custom; Remove Duplicate Mails and Contacts... Enable you to do smarter, faster and better in Outlook.

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    Very nice comments in your webpage. Custom stationery just like a pencil, Eraser, Scale etc. About a Logo with stationery so logo made in different stationery design. More information Custom Stationery with Logo so check it.
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    Followed your suggestions and it worked great; however, when I save it why doesn't it also save the email address I am sending it from?
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      Which method you use cannot save the stationery? I try the second one can do it.
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    Well, it kept the formatting of my signature and the background color of the page I wanted. However it did not keep the font format for the first 3 lines. Is there a way around that? Did I do something wrong?
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    I can get the letterhead to load, but when I open a new email, the text box is above the letterhead. How do I eliminate thos text lines?
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    Thank you very Much .
    it worked for me . but only i create a new email , I will appreciate if someone knows hoe to keep you watermark even when you are replying of forwarding the mail ?
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    Yeah outlook sucks balls. Microsoft are only so big because of the Monopoly and not because their products are good or easy to use. Twats
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    Thanks for advise. I work with Outlook more than one year but cannot get use to it. So unfriendly - these things I was able to figure out in Lotus Notes. With outlook I have to google almost everything. I know this is not space for my comments but had to say it. Thanks
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    I'm trying to download additional themes for my Outlook but having problem doing so
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    This works fine for me BUT it applies the email template to all three of my addresses. I would like to have business stationary for one address, and two other distinct looks and logos for other businesses. Is this possible?

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced an all-new Outlook for Mac experience with redesigned UI, improved performance and several new features. This new Outlook for Mac uses Microsoft sync technology that already powers Outlook for iOS and Android and Windows Mail app. The Microsoft sync technology offers faster and more reliable syncing experience, improved search results, reduced email load times, and enables Outlook for Mac team to bring more Office 365 features easily.

The major change in this new Outlook for Mac experience is the new toolbar on top. Microsoft has replaced the ribbon with a new customizable toolbar. Microsoft feels that this new toolbar helps reduce your visual clutter and helps you focus on what’s most important.

Other new features in the new Outlook for Mac:

  • Customizable toolbar: Choose commands to display in the Toolbar. In the Toolbar, select the more icon More options , then Customize Toolbar… .
  • Improved search: Search is now powered by Microsoft Search and has better results and suggestions. Click in the search field or use keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+F to search.
  • My Day: View upcoming events in agenda or day view in the main window for mail. Select My Day in the View menu or use keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+] to turn My Day on or off.
  • Improved RSVP to meetings: Respond to meeting invites with email responses to the organizer directly from the Reading Pane. Type a message in the text field in the meeting invite and select Accept, Tentative, Decline, or Propose New Time.
  • More Office 365 Groups, including Calendars: View all your Office 365 Groups in Mail and Calendar view. In Mail, Groups are located under the Groups node for your account. In Calendar, Groups are located after calendar folders for your account.
  • Nested compose in the Reading Pane: Reply to messages without opening a new compose window. Select Reply, Reply All, or Forward in the Reading Pane, Toolbar, or Message menu or use keyboard shortcuts Command+R, Shift+Command+R, or Command+J.
  • Ignore Conversation: Delete all messages in a conversation, including messages already received and any new messages. Select Ignore Conversation in the Toolbar, Message menu, or message context menu, then confirm that you want to ignore the conversation.
  • Improved event scheduling: Create events by selecting a time block in the calendar grid. Add event details, including attendees and locations, and view attendee availability directly in the popover before sending. When creating a new meeting, view attendee availability directly in the event window and adjust the time of the event by moving the event within the day view. For meetings with large numbers of attendees, use the Scheduling Assistant to view availability, add and remove attendees, and reserve resources (such as conference rooms).

It is important to note that this is a very early version of new Outlook experience and it misses several features that are available on existing Outlook for Mac. You can find the list of features that are missing below.

  • Add-ins
  • Subfolder search
  • Automatic replies
  • Block sender
  • Delegates
  • Email templates
  • Online archive
  • Rules
  • Read and delivery receipts
  • S/MIME
  • Set message sensitivity
  • Unified Inbox
  • Room Finder
  • Presence
  • People search
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes

Join Office Insider Fast to try this new Outlook for Mac experience. And it works only with Office 365, Outlook.com, and Google accounts. If you are using an old Exchange based email account, you should continue using the existing Outlook experience.

Outlook Toolbar On Top

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