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The Top 229 Macos Apps Open Source Projects on Github. Mac app that shows all open files, directories, sockets, pipes and devices in use by all running processes.

Dec 3, 2015

Swift is now open source. Today Apple launched the open source Swift community, as well as amazing new tools and resources including:

  • – a site dedicated to the open source Swift community
  • Public source code repositories at
  • A new Swift package manager project for easily sharing and building code
  • A Swift-native core libraries project with higher-level functionality above the standard library
  • Platform support for all Apple platforms as well as Linux
  1. A powerful open language that lets everyone build amazing apps. Swift is a robust and intuitive programming language created by Apple for building apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It’s designed to give developers more freedom than ever. Swift is easy to use and open source, so anyone with an idea can create something incredible.
  2. Eventually publishing mac-setup and dotfiles. Starting with a brand new macOS: Make sure to be connected to a wifi network (or LAN) Configure TouchID when setting up; Login to iCloud (but may skip photos) Open; Bootstrap a new machine. This will do the very first steps for a new machine. The sudo password will.

Now anyone can download the code and in-development builds to see what the team is up to. More advanced developers interested in contributing to the project can file bugs, participate in the community, and contribute their own fixes and enhancements to make Swift even better. For production App Store development you should always use the stable releases of Swift included in Xcode, and this remains a requirement for app submission. is an entirely new site dedicated to open source Swift. This site hosts resources for the community of developers that want to help evolve Swift, contribute fixes, and most importantly, interact with each other. hosts:

  • A bug reporting and tracking system
  • Mailing lists
  • A blog dedicated to the engineering of Swift
  • Community guidelines
  • Getting started tutorials
  • Contributing instructions
  • Documentation on Swift
  • Developer and API design guidelines is where the daily engineering work for Swift will take place, as the community of developers work together to bring Swift to new platforms, add new features, and continually evolve our favorite language.

Source Code

Apple has a new home on GitHub located at where you can find all the source code for the Swift project. The public repositories include the Swift compiler, LLDB debugger and REPL, the standard and core libraries, the package manager, and other supporting projects.

GitHub is already an incredibly popular place for developers to collaborate. It is easy to view the source code right on the website, or quickly check-out the code to your machine. And when you have a patch to contribute, we accept pull requests.

Swift Package Manager

Today we also launched a brand new project: the Swift Package Manager. This early-stage project will be developed in the open from the outset. The repository is in a very early state, and together we will define what a great package manager should do and how we can make it intuitive to use, and give it the power it needs to scale across the many platforms where we expect Swift to prosper.

Core Libraries

Apple has long provided a rich collection of frameworks that provide higher-level functionality commonly required across a wide variety of software. Frameworks such as Foundation, libdispatch, and XCTest make it much easier to write complex programs, and we wanted to be sure that developers get those same benefits as they take their Swift skills to new platforms. Whether writing apps for iPhone or Mac, or building a new cloud service on Linux, the Swift core libraries will give you building blocks you can count on.


Open source Swift runs on a Mac, and is capable of building apps for OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. also offers a Linux version of Swift, complete with a Linux toolset including package manager support, the LLDB debugger, and the REPL. We’re excited to see the community bring Swift to even more new places. As students and professionals learn to program in Swift, each new platform and use case opens new opportunities for them across the technology industry.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started. hosts binary downloads of the compilers and command line tools for the Apple and Linux platforms so you can be up and running quickly. The latest version of Xcode supports an alternate toolchain option specifically designed to make it simple to try out the latest open source builds of Swift from within Xcode. And has great getting started guides to walk you through the process of setting up your environment to work with open source Swift.

Free and open-source software is good for you and good for the world. This is the best free Mac software that we know of.

Mozilla Firefox

The premier free, open-source browser. Tabs, pop-up blocking, themes, and extensions. Considered by many to be the world's best browser.
Download Page


Connect to multiple IM accounts simultaneously in a single app, including: AOL IM, MSN, and Jabber. Beautiful, themable interface.Open Source Mac Apps
Download Page


Quicksilver lets you start applications (and do just about everything) with a few quick taps of your fingers. Warning: start using Quicksilver and you won't be able to imagine using a Mac without it.
Download Page

Mozilla Thunderbird

Powerful spam filtering, solid interface, and all the features you need.
Download Page

The Unarchiver

Uncompress RAR, 7zip, tar, and bz2 files on your Mac. Many new Mac users will be puzzled the first time they download a RAR file. Do them a favor and download UnRarX for them!
Download Page


DVD ripper and MPEG-4 / H.264 encoding. Very simple to use.
Download Page


Solid cross-platform RSS client.
Download Page


A simple, easy to use filesharing program. Gnutella network.
Download Page


Soulseek filesharing for Mac, in a simple, solid client.
Download Page


Very nice torrent downloader.
Download Page

Q Emulator

Run Windows programs on your Intel Mac at near native speed. Works on G4 / G5 Macs too, but much slower.
BackupDownload Page


Beautiful interface. Plays any video type (much more than quicktime). Subscribe to video RSS, download, and watch all in one. Torrent support. Search and download from YouTube and others.
Download Page


A great 'SIP' client. Call regular phones from your Mac. 100% free and open source.
Download Page


A 'peer-to-peer' digital currency so you can buy things without paying transaction fees.
Download Page

Miro Video Converter

Convert any type of video to mp4 or theora. Convert any video for use with iPhone, iPod, Android, etc. Very clean, easy to use interface.
Download Page Mac App Store (free)


Plays more video files than most players: Quicktime, AVI, DIVX, OGG, and more. Pretty good interface.
Download Page


The interface and buttons are not as nice or as Mac-like in feel, but it may play even more video files than VLC.
Download Page


A plugin that allows quicktime to play additional video formats. (Included in Democracy Player.)
Download Page


Copy music off your iPod in the finder, like a regular disk drive.
Download Page


CD and DVD Burner. Burn any video to a disc that plays in your DVD player!

Open Source Mac Software

Download Page


This TOR frontend keeps you anonymous on the web using military-grade techniques. For use with Firefox see: TorButton.
Download Page


Big, full featured suite of tools for word processing and spreadsheets. Compatible with and a free replacement for Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Friends don't let friends pay for Microsoft Office.
Download Page


A word processor. Leaner and quicker than OpenOffice. Compatible with Microsoft Word documents and OpenDocument Format.
Download Page


The best wireless scanner for Mac. Find wireless access when you're on the go.
OpenDownload Page

Photo editing application that rivals Photoshop in features.
Download Page

Formulate Pro

An easy way to fill-out (or sign) PDFs that Preview can't edit.
Download Page


Vector graphics application (requires X11).
Download Page


Desktop publishing. Complicated install, but a nice app.
Download Page


Very good all-around ftp program.
Download Page

OneButton FTP

Simple, fast FTP, with a focus on 'advanced queuing'.
Download Page


Not as polished as Cyberduck (and only for SFTP) but has a side by side interface showing your files and the remote files.
Download Page

Blue Griffon

Visual tool for making websites (WYSIWYG html editor), comparable to Dreamweaver.
Download Page


A cross-platform IRC client that's free and open source.

Open Source Mac Apps List

Download Page


A visual development tool for building great-looking web and cloud applications.

Open Source Mac Software

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