Metroid Prime New Play Control Iso Download

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I may be in the minority, but I find the controls in Metroid Prime to be awful to the point almost ruining the game. The problems are:
1. Not being able to use the C-stick to look around while moving. Having to press a button to look around, which also forces you to stay in-place was a horrible design choice on the part of the game's developers.
2. Auto-centering of the stick while looking and aiming. Annoying as hell!
Is there any hope of a hack to make this game control more like a modern FPS? Did they fix these flaws in 2,3 or Prime Trilogy?

For GC and Wii.

Metroid Prime New Play Control Iso Download

In an alternate timeline…

Metroid Prime New Play Control

Metroid Prime 2: Unlimited Beams Authorized is an “ammo-less” beam mod for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. It removes all beam ammo spawns from the game, and gives Samus unlimited beam shots. You can choose how you want Samus’ “Beam Ammo bars” to look in her visor during an option in the patcher (select ‘remove’ or ‘keep’). Missiles, energy, and powerbombs all drop as normal.

Many Metroid fans have wondered: What would Metroid Prime 2 have been like without beam ammo? We’ve got the answer for you, but we have to warn you: After playing Unlimited Beams Authorized, you may never want to go back. As fans of the Metroid and Prime series, we have preserved as much of the original game as possible.

Here’s what to expect from Unlimited Beams Authorized:

  • Gives Samus unlimited beam ammo.
  • Removes beam ammo from spawning.
  • Hides relevant HUD graphics.
  • Doesn’t affect scanbook or completion rate.
  • Drag n’ drop usage for game patching.
  • Cross save file compatibility between modded and vanilla. (Can use existing saves!)
  • Tested for all Gamecube regions, and for USA Trilogy for the Wii.
  • Difficulty remains more or less the same.
  • Secret “Hardmode” versions 1 & 2 (see readme “FAQ” for how to).

How to use the Patcher Utility

1. Extract “MP2-Unlimited Beams Authorized.7z” to a folder, and put your Metroid Prime 2 game inside the same folder, where the patcher utility is.

2. Drag game onto “DRAG GAME ONTO HERE.bat”.

3. Follow instructions on-screen. Patching will finish in under 10 minutes. Or, if you are patching Trilogy USA, then patching will take at least 10 minutes. If the patcher doesn’t display anything different on screen for at least 10 minutes, then try again.

4. You can choose whether to “Keep” or to “Remove” the beam ammo bars from Samus’ visor during patching. For examples of both, please see the screenshots.

5. The game will show up in your patcher utility folder, where your game is, usually with “Unlimited Beams Authorized” or “U.B.A.” in the title.

The patcher utility will accept most “trimmed” or “shrunken” games.


Attention: Patching “Trilogy” (Wii) requires at least 20GB of free hardrive space before patching.

Known issues and changes:

1. Swarm enemies should be seen as a hazard typically, since they now usually do not drop any pickups (e.g. Hydlings, Chyklings, Ing Larva Swarm).

Metroid Prime New Play Control Iso Download torrentMetroid prime new play control

2. Alpha Blogg, Grapple Guardian, Dark Samus 2, and Emperor Ing (whole fight) do not drop any pickups. Planned fix for some of this at a later update.

Metroid Prime 1 Iso

3. On U.B.A. Hardmode1 and Hardmode2 modes, Chykka drops beam ammo at the end of the fight, but this impact is minimal since an ammo station is nearby. This has been fixed and will come at a later update.

4. In-game text has not yet been changed, will patch at a later update.

5. No compatibility for EUR-region version of Trilogy or JPN-region “Wii de Asobo” (New Play Control) version of MP2, yet.

Patcher utility name: “MP2-Unlimited Beams Authorized v1.0.7z”

Patcher utility MD5: 177E4A85ADD79D06A06D4ECB6F80DF93

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