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What Is EFI firmware password protection on Apple T2 security Chip?

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Before you use Mac EFI unlock service, you should learn what EFI is and how this passcode protection works on Apple devices with the T2 security chip.

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  2. The last version of OS X officially supported by Apple on the original 2006 Mac Pro MA356LL/A (MacPro1,1), 2007 Mac Pro (8-core) MA1186/A (MacPro2,1) and Xserve (Late 2006) MA409LL/A (Xserve1,1) models was OS X 10.7 Lion, and then only when booted with a 32-bit kernel due to their EFI32 firmware. However, these Macs were the most powerful.

EFI stands for the Extensible Firmware Interface. By this abbreviation, you can guess that the EFI firmware passcode is not the same thing as your regular computer password used for logging in or Mac Activation Lock. Your computer's operating system bootloader is contained in the EFI. This system partition also includes your hardware's driver files. Every time a macOS device boots, it uses the Extensible Firmware Interface right before booting.

As your computer is booting, it uses the memory-mapped from the T2 security chip to fetch the UEFI firmware. UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. Users choose to enable the EFI password on T2 computers to protect their devices from untrusted firmware loads during startup.

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The problem comes when a user wishes to reinstall the operating system on a Mac computer, erase the hard disk, repair, or restore the device using Time Machine. During such a recovery, users often come face to face with the protection through the EFI firmware password.

In other words, if a current user or previous owner has enabled the EFI password feature in Security Boot Settings, the macOS computer will stay protected. The device will keep asking you to enter the EFI firmware passcode during startup. It will not let you choose the startup from a storage device. You will not be able to get to macOS Recovery or add modifications to the computer. Once again, the protection through Mac EFI firmware password only works on T2 devices.

Suppose you cannot recollect this passcode. In that case, your only chance to use Mac as usual and enjoy all macOS features is by getting Mac EFI unlock service.

CheckM8 EFI Unlock Software

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Our CheckM8 software can unlock Mac EFI password. This tool is perfect for all macOS users who do not know or cannot remember their device's EFI firmware passcode.

CheckM8 is capable of remove the EFI password that protects macOS from unauthorized startups. The unlocking software is based on the T2 security chip and EFI exploits.

Advantages of CheckM8 EFI Unlock Service

You will enjoy all the advantages the CheckM8 EFI password unlock software offers:

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  • Support for every macOS device with T2 security chip if EFI password is enabled;
  • No requirement to know the correct EFI firmware passcode to unlock supported Macs;
  • Permanent unlocking service, meaning your Mac will be fully workable after the EFI passcode is removed.

Mac Gray Customer Service

CheckM8 EFI unlock is a user-friendly tool. When you wish to unlock EFI firmware password on Mac, you do not have to be tech-savvy. Our developers created a simple, smart software that removes EFI passcode in a single click of a mouse. You do not enter any passwords to make it work, and you can follow the built-in on-screen guides to succeed.

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