How To Get Armor Mods Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is finally here along with the superb Armor 2.0 system.Allowing players to truly customize various aspects of their Guardian, this will allow for more experimentation. Destiny 1’s original loot cave, found in the Cosmodrone, was an incredible place to farm engrams. It was a great place to kind of settle down for a bit after running strikes. There was even etiquette while there with several random souls.


The Heavy Handed mod is a useful Charged with Light mod that improves the player's melee abilities and passively adds ammo to the player's weapon due to a secondary perk. Also an Armor mod, players can visit Ada-1 in the Tower as there is always a chance she is selling it.


To get the Heavy Handed armor mod, players should frequently visit Ada-1, who is located in the western part of the Tower, near the Annex. Ada-1 sells two armor mods each day, and the selection resets on a daily basis. If you're lucky, Ada-1 will have the Heavy Handed mod available.

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Armor Mods Minecraft

All armor mods cost 10 Mod Components, which are obtainable by completing Gunsmith Bounties from Banshee-44. In the past, Banshee-44 was in charge of selling armor mods, but the role has since been handed over to Ada-1 as of changes made during Season of the Splicer.

How To Get Armor Mods Destiny 2How To Get Armor Mods Destiny 2


How To Get Mods D2

With the Heavy Handed mod equipped to a legendary armor piece, the player will regain half of their melee energy after using a charged melee ability. The player must already be Charged with Light for this perk to activate, and it will consume one stack of the Charged with Light mechanic.

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Heavy Handed also includes a secondary perk: Lock and Load, and it requires seven Arc energy. The player will receive additional ammo to their weapon reserves after defeating a combatant with either of these weapons:

  • Fusion Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Sidearm
  • Submachine Gun

The Heavy Handed weapon mod can be used for some creative builds, and is especially powerful while holding Special weapons. Since ammo is more difficult to acquire from special Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Fusion Rifles, earning passive ammo while the Lock and Load secondary ability is active enables more damage output and less time worrying about refilling your reserves.

How To Get Old Armor Mods Destiny 2

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Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 Guide is here after a long wait. To help you in the bad weather conditions of Jupiter, the latest expansion has arrived and the Variks has some Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Armor for you. We have a full guide on Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 and how to get all the items in Crystoncrene set, have a look.

If you have completed the main mission then we would suggest you play the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Europa Armor quest. This quest has been divided into parts so enough of talking, let’s dig into the guide on Crystoncrene Armor Destiny 2.

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To get the Europa Legs you have to get on the sparrow and have to go to Variks. After you have arrived at the Cadmus Ridge you have to take left and try to find the entrance to Bray Exoscience. You have to find the way from the icy interior till you find the futuristic building. Now you have to clear up the room of Eliksni and then just hang to the right of the central hall. Now you just have to defeat the Fallen and hang a left in the 2nd room to get the first chest.

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Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2: How to Get Europa Arms?

You are not done yet, now you have to exit the large room and get out from the left. Now you have to fight will Fallen till you make the right in the narrow Hallway. In the corner of the room at the back left, you can see the 1st chest for the Crystocrene arms and you can find the last chest inside the Bray Exoscience. To access the Eternity you have to jump at the chasm.

Now you have to kill you find in your way to Eternity. Now you will see the data center with a lot of servers, now you have to kill the captain by taking the stairs. Loot the chest and travel back to Charon’s Landing.

Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2: How to Get Europa Class and Helm?

Now you have to travel to Cadmus Ridge and you will see the Lost Sector logo, take the frozen stairs and you will find a room which is filled up with Vex Hydras and Harpies. You can just unlock the chest and leave it and don’t fight with the Vex Hydras and Harpies.


Getting the Helm is as easy as the other quests, you have to go back to Charon’s Landing. Now you have to find a data wall which will be blocking your path, after you come to the data wall, just go to the corner of the room and get the chest you will easily find it.

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How to Get the Europa Farming?

It is very difficult to defeat as they spawn very quickly. After you have got the European weaponry from the Empire Hunts, just add it to the world pool and it will also come out from the chests. Now, you do not have to land at the final blow at each of the enemy so when you shoot the enemies and they die, you will earn rewards.

So this was all about How to get the Europa items and Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2.

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Hopefully, you will like our approach on Crystocrene Armor Destiny 2 Guide How to Get All Crystocrene Set from Variks.


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