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Download the latest bollywood ringtones from this frequently updated ringtones collection. Free hindi ringtones submitted by users just like you. If you are a die hard bollywood movie fan, or if you simply enjoy good hindi songs, this is the bestplace to find the perfect ringtone. Choose from 12107 free hindi ringtones and bollywood music tones uploaded in .mp3 format.

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  2. Ringing Phone Sound Ringtone Download. Best Old Hindi and Bollywood Song Ringtone Download Free For Mobile Phones and Apple iPhone, Best Mp3 Old Hindi Song Ringtones Free Download, If you Looking Latest Bollywood Old Movies Song Ringtones Download For Free, You are at the right place, We Have Daily Updates Best Old Song Ringtones.

So high background music ringtone download. So high background music ringtone download, high rated gabru background music ringtone download. Apr 22, 2020 — Download kgf ringtones mp3 for mobile. Top 5 best kgf ringtones collections. Kgf Ringtone Mp3 Download. Kgf monster bgm ringtone. So High (Instrumental) MP3 Song from the album So High.

Preview ringtones online and download the ones you like. To upload your ringtone here, use the button below.

Free Hindi Ringtones & Bollywood Ringtones

  • by Bhupendra yadav on Oct 6Duration : 00:01
  • by Masani anirudhdh on Oct 6Duration : 00:35
  • by Arun pal on Oct 6Duration : 00:43
  • by Abhishek Panigrahi on Oct 5Duration : 00:36
  • by HAAMID JAMAL ANSARI on Oct 2Duration : 00:30
  • by Rajesh Thakur on Sep 28Duration : 00:21
  • by Ejaz khan on Sep 28Duration : 00:43
  • by Meera Manoj on Sep 28Duration : 00:32
  • by Pradeep Baghel on Sep 25Duration : 00:11
  • by Raushan Kumar on Sep 24Duration : 00:36
  • by MFP Talent on Sep 22Duration : 00:40
  • by Parth dama on Sep 19Duration : 00:33
  • by Payel pradhan on Sep 19Duration : 00:30
  • by Aman Barnwal on Sep 18Duration : 00:33
  • by Astha on Sep 14Duration : 00:30
  • by Heetjoshi on Sep 14Duration : 00:29
  • by Paras Dewangan on Sep 13Duration : 00:36
  • by Anjali on Sep 12Duration : 00:28
  • by Rameshwar on Sep 12Duration : 00:23
  • by Dhiraj Kumar on Sep 12Duration : 00:47
  • by Raj soni on Sep 11Duration : 00:36
  • by Shahbaj Khan md on Sep 11Duration : 00:30
  • by Robeul Islam on Sep 11Duration : 00:25
  • by Tapu on Sep 11Duration : 00:27
  • by sha 3 on Sep 11Duration : 00:20
  • by Anjali on Sep 10Duration : 00:24
  • by Akanksha Pathak on Sep 10Duration : 00:29
  • by Viki on Sep 10Duration : 00:30
  • by Dharamraj Gupta on Sep 10Duration : 00:38
  • by Nandkishor on Sep 7Duration : 00:38

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Tired and sick of the default ringtones you have on your android device? Wanting your favorite music and tunes to be your cellphone tone and alarm? Heard of a newly released tune and wanting it to make as your device's ringing alarm? Well, that is really cool if you can make your favorite song as your mobile ringing tune. It adds up glamour whenever someone is calling or beeping you in. But if you do not know where to find the set of coolest ringtones, worry no more as we have searched and listed some of the most popular and reliable sites where you can have your ringtones for free. Grab your computers, laptops, tablets, and your mobile devices and get ready for a wonderful download experience. Here is the list of the top 10 sites where you can download free music ringtones for Android.

Part 1: Top 10 Sites to Download Free Music Ringtones for Android

#1. zedge.net

Zedge.net is one of the most popular and most favorited download and sharing sites for cellphone stuffs and files that started operating about 10 years ago. There are over 9 million files shared including ringtones, wallpapers, themes, and games that are absolutely free for grabs. They have ringtones for android devices that are readily available for downloads in MP3 file format.

#2. Tonetweet.com

Music ringtones of all genres are here! Tonetweet offers free ringtone for mobile phones including android devices. You can choose from different categories and genres such as alternative, Christmas, country, hip-hop, and the likes. It also has a very convenient search menu that makes the hunt for your desired ringtone easier!

High Sound Old Song RingtoneSong

#3. mobile9.com

Sound Effect Ringtones Free

Another online file sharing and downloading site for cell phone files is mobile9.com. From games, to wallpapers, name it and mobile9 has it! You can download mobile ringtones for your android device and based on the compatibility of your handset.

#4. mobiles24.com

Also included on the list is mobiles24.com that has more than 136,000 ringtones to offer. Yes, that huge number of choices makes this website a good site to look for a good music alarm tone. And these hundreds of thousands of mobile device alarm tunes are all free for download!

#5. Tones7.com

Sharing, discovering, and downloading. These are the best features of one of the most popular ringtone downloading sites in the internet, Tones7.com. This site offers totally free MP3 format ringtone files. Also, it has a file sharing feature that adds to the choices of ringtones that you can download from the tones7.com. Another exciting feature is that the website offers make your own ringtone application aside from the numerous ringtones they have on their website.

#6. Audiko.net

Looking for fresh and viral hits as your device's ringing alarm? This site is for you. Go to Audiko.net and download the newest hits as your android device's ringtone! They are also listing the top 100 latest ringtones that you can download for free. The website also categorizes ringtones from various genres such as RnB, rock, dance, hip-hop, 80s hits, and more.

#7. Prokerala.com

Prokerala.com highlights their collection of ringtones ranging from over 120,000 files of ringtones alone! This website also has ringtones from various categories from the latest music up to the older tunes. Plus, you can upload your own ringtone, if you have, and share it to other users.

#8. Mytinyphone.com

High Sound Old Song Ringtone

Mytinyphone offers a wide-range variety of ringtones for your android handsets. This online ringtone downloading site offers incredibly numerous amounts of ringtones--roughly about 65, 000. These ringtones are absolutely for free downloading. Also, they have categories for each ringtones they have on their website.

#9. Oringz.com

Name it, they got it! Oringz.com offers a wide variety of cell phone ringtones. They have the latest music that is readily available to be your ringtone. Also, they offer different kinds of ringtones fit as your notification alert tone, standard ringtones, messaging tones, wake-up alarm clock tones, sound effects, animal sounds, and funny tunes.

#10. Madringtones.org

One of the most visited and most trusted ringtone downloading sites in the web is madringstones.org. Many users have been sending positive reviews and feedback about this website. It has a gigantic amount of free ringtones readily available for downloads amounting to over five million files. The website also offers a very easy set of steps to be done to download the ringtone you want.

Part 2: How to Make Free Music Ringtones for Android

Aside from getting free ringtones from various online downloading sites, it is very exciting to know that you can make your own ringtone. Yes, it is possible to produce your own music ringtone, depending on your preference. In making your own ringtone, you can choose the part or portion of your favorite song that you want to be your ringtone. You can also decide the length of the music that will be your handset's ringing alarm.

One of the most reliable software solutions that you can use is the Aimersoft Music Recorder for Windows (or Aimersoft Music Recorder for Mac). This is a free software used for recording music. This audio recording software enables the user to record audio tracks to your computer units file storage and hard drive using files from different music streaming websites and applications into MP3 and M4A formats.

Key Features of Aimersoft Music Recorder:

  • It is a very convenient software and easy to install, it also has a user-friendly interface that will make every user comfortable, plus the fact that the buttons needed are easy to find and does not require a very complicated process;
  • This software allows online audio recording from hundreds of music and video streaming sites such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and the likes;
  • It provides high quality audio formats and allows you to record sounds with MP3 or M4A formats that can be directly saved on your computer units;
  • Easily identify the music’s tags and genre with its ID3 tag technology that helps you in searching and sorting your files easily.

Now Let's Start the Process of Making your Own Ringtone.

Step 1. Download and install the Music Recorder

You can download it on this website for free. Launch the application and see its contents. Click the red button or the record button to start capturing the sound.

Step 2. Record music

Now go to a music streaming site or application such as Spotify and iTunes. The Aimersoft Music Recorder will search for audio files and will automatically start recording tunes.

Step 3. Make ringtones


Ringtone Sounds Free

After the recording, go click the library tab. The list of songs recorded will appear and beside the title bar is the ringtone button. Click 'Ringtone' and start creating music ringing alert. Right click the recorder track and pick 'Make Ringtone' to create a ringtone and then enjoy!

Old Song Tagalog

Part 3: How to Set Music Alarm on Android

Because smartphones or android devices allow users to modify their ringing alarms or ringtones, we should make the most out of it. We can make our favorite songs as the default ringing alarm of our devices. Also, we can make the freshest hits as our notification ringer. Wondering how this amazing customization feature works? Well, I’ll hand to you some of the easy ways to make your favorite song, your music alarm on your android phone.

After downloading free ringtones in various online sharing sites or making your own ringtone, it is time to make that tune your ringtone! We can make this work done with just two easy options. First, we can customize the ringtone through the device’s settings menu. Another one is through the music player application installed on your device. Now, read and see these very easy steps.

Old song mp3

1) Through Settings Menu

Step 1. Make sure that the music file is now saved on your phone. Check if the file works on your phone. You can see your phone’s file manage and check if the file is good on the folder. You can also play the file first on the default music player of your device to make sure it is working properly.

Step 2. After assuring that the file is recognizable and good, go to your phone's menu and look for settings - sounds/ profiles - tone settings. There will appear a menu for notification sounds, alarm sound, and incoming calls ringtone. You can customize all these ringtone options.

Step 3. There are sound choices that will appear in every option. Just click on the file that you want to be your custom ringtone. After choosing, tap 'Done' to save all the changes made. Now you can enjoy your favorite music as your music alarm!

2) Through Music Player

Step 1. Open your phone’s default music player. Click and play the desired music to be your device’s ringtone.

Step 2. Press and hold on the music's title on the playlist. A dialogue box will appear. Scroll down the options and find the option 'use as phone ringtone.'

Step 3. Then, after clicking the option 'use as phone ringtone,' there will appear a notification saying that making the song as the default ringtone was successful.

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