Hanging Blinds On Metal Window Frame

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Hi, it is possible to fit the blinds directly to the plastic but is not advised as a, it will probably invalidate any warranty on the windows (I would get written acknowledgement that the company are OK with holes being drilled into the frame and will honour the warranty) and b, the blind will drop too close to the frame and foul the handle. To install the blinds you need a pencil for making markings, and a drill or a screwdriver. But since you are mounting these blinds on a metal frame you must use a drill instead of a screwdriver. The brackets have to be placed over both ends of the blinds. Bring out your shades or blinds and hold them inside the window frame at the exact. HJM Masonry and Handyman Services. Blinds Installation. Serves Olean, New York. 30+ years in the construction industry Primary trade is masonry, brick, block, stone, glass block, hardscapes. Handyman services lite electrical, lite plumbing, home maintenance, gutter. Place the headrail into the brackets and hold the blinds in position against the window frame. Level the headrail against the frame and trace the edges of each bracket with a pencil.

Here are our simple steps on how to fit blinds to UPVC:
  1. Mark the place where you will fix your brackets.
  2. Perfectly align your brackets for a level blind.
  3. Drill screws into your UPVC window frame to secure the brackets.
  4. Clip your headrail into the brackets to complete your fit.

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Herein, can you screw into vinyl window frames?

If you have vinyl windows, you won't be able to screw the brackets directly into the vinyl channel that holds the window. The vinyl is not strong enough to hold the weight of the blinds. Fix the brackets to the top or sides of the inside opening or install them outside the opening.

Also Know, should blinds be inside the window frame? Let me change that right now. Inside mounted blinds and shades will give you the cleanest look. That is because they fit inside the window frame, and can be mounted as deep or as shallow as you like. You just mount the brackets outside of the window frame and hang your blinds or shades so they extend past the frame.

Besides, can I drill into UPVC window frames?


The idea of drilling into your UPVC frames might sound terrifying but if you take care in doing so there's nothing to worry about. The main thing to avoid is the glass itself as if you can imagine. Using a 3mm drill bit, drill directly into the mark you have created on the frame.

How far should Window blinds be from window?

Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark 1 1/4 inches away from the window to keep the blinds from touching the glass when hung.

Window treatments can be customized to meet your needs, but did you know the depth of your windows may impact your options?

Choosing the right mounting position of blinds or shades is just as important to consider as your preferences for privacy, opacity and design and is often overlooked too early in the decision-making process.

There are two ways to mount your window coverings:
1. Inside Mount
2. Outside Mount

Hunter Douglas roman shade. Left: Inside mount. Right: Outside mount.

Both mounting positions block light and reduce energy costs. Read on to compare what makes each style different, so that you can determine the best fit for your home:

Inside Mounts

Inside mounts are the most popular choice. They offer a clean, finished look because the blinds or shades are recessed and contained inside the window casing.

Inside-mounted window treatments are NOT the best choice for you if:

  • Your window frame is not deep.
    If your window is not set deeply enough, recessed blinds may extend outside the frame.
  • You have an obstruction inside your window frame, such as a crank handle, lock handle or alarm sensor.
    These make it impossible to install and use an inside mount window treatment.

Hanging Blinds On Metal Window Frame

Inside-mount cellular shade: Hunter Douglas Solera® Softshade. Fabric: Cheslock. Color: Frost.

Outside mounts

Outside-mounted blinds or shades are mounted on the wall outside the window frame, on the window trim or even on the ceiling above the window.

Outside mounted window coverings may be right for your home if:

  • You want to block more light.
    Outside mounts cover the entire window.
  • You want to hide ugly window casings, molding or glass.
    Blinds are a much cheaper option than replacing window trim.
  • Your window casing is too shallow to house an inside mount or has an obstruction (window crank, lock, etc.)
  • Your windows are slightly uneven.
    Outside mount applications can help give your windows a uniform look by covering the entire window frame.
  • You want window covering for a sliding or French door.
    There is almost never enough space for inside-mount blinds on doors.

Outside-mount roller shade: Hunter Douglas Alustra® Woven Textures® Fabric: Cirque. Color: Beach.

Accurately measuring your windows is imperative for either an inside or outside mount, but is even more critical with an inside mount, as there is little room for error. The more precise the measurements, the more light your blinds or shades will block and the more naturally beautiful your window treatments will look in your space. For more information, check out this video.

To ensure your blinds, shades or shutters will be the correct width and length, it’s best to have a professional measure and install your window treatments. Take advantage of a free, professional in-home consultation by your local, Chicagoland JC Licht window treatment specialist to anticipate all of the most important considerations when purchasing Hunter Douglas window treatments for your home.

Mount Blinds On Window Frame

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