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Digital whiteboards can integrate with other video conferencing and screen sharing platforms to allow for collaboration even when you are not physically in the same room. A virtual whiteboard has multiple colors, shapes and templates to choose from and allows whiteboards to be saved in shareable files for easy access in the future. Samsung Manager YH-820 is a manager for the Samsung YH-820 digital audio player (an maybe others).Samsung Manager YH-820 manages song for the digital audio player from Samsung.The program aims to be as more user friendly as possible, using HAL and Dbus for player detection and provides a gobject based library that, eventually, may be integrated with a music player (for example Rhythmbox). Oct 29, 2020 The main downsides with the Compass 360 Pro Free app are that it only works with Android devices that have a magnetic sensor, uses a lot of battery, and comes with ads. Digital Field Compass. Digital Field Compass app is a simple app without all the fluff like fancy backgrounds or maps, making it light on battery use.

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Digital Compass is an Android application that provides users with a beautiful compass, and all the data they would need.
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Most modern smartphones have magnetic sensors, which allow them to be used as compasses. This means that the applications can be built to take advantage of this sensor and many others. The Digital Compass app can be used to also show latitude, longitude, and current address, along with a full-screen map. Also, the true and magnetic heading are also displayed, with the magnetic strength. The app comes with a slope level meter, and users can check the status of all used sensors. It’s important to note that magnetic covers are not recommended.


Compass on samsung android
  • Show true and magnetic north
  • Use full-screen map
  • Slope level meter

What's new in Digital Compass APK 7.3.9:

For more information on downloading Digital Compass to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other Digital Compass APK versions (14):

  • Digital Compass 7.62021-10-05
  • Digital Compass 7.52021-07-06
  • Digital Compass 7.4.42021-02-10
  • Digital Compass 7.4.22020-12-30
  • Digital Compass 7.42020-09-08
  • Digital Compass 7.3.72020-05-28
  • Digital Compass 7.3.52020-03-25
  • Digital Compass 7.2.42019-07-15
  • Digital Compass 7.2.32019-07-14
  • Digital Compass 7.2.12019-07-08
  • Digital Compass 7.22019-06-26
  • Digital Compass 7.1.12019-06-13
  • Digital Compass 7.12019-06-09
  • Digital Compass 7.0.12019-05-27
New in Digital Compass 7.3.9:Read the full changelog

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4.8 MB
API Minimum:
16 - Android 4.1.x (Jelly Bean)
API Target:
29 - Android 10
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