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More than a music festival; A connective and immersive experience of music, art, comedy, culinary & more nestled within the city streets of Downtown Las Vegas. Download Festival Australia was live. #DOWNLOADTV SUNDAY PT.1. Part 1 of your Sunday #DownloadTV day stream is now live with Circus of Horrors, a jam session with drummer Nandi Bushell and more! Tune in, rock out and help us raise money for NHS Charities Together’s COVID-19 appeal! Download Festival Stages - Download Festival. The UK's Premier Rock Festival. 10 — 12 June 2022. The Sweden Rock Festival is an annual rock/metal festival held in Sweden since 6 June 1992. While having a clear rock/metal focus, the festival is noted for its diversity across these genres, from southern rock bands such as Molly Hatchet to death metal legends like Obituary. Download Festival Donington Park, 4 - 6 June 2021. The UK's Premier Rock Festival. 10 — 12 June 2022.

The 2014 Adelaide Festival from Artistic Director David Sefton revealed an extraordinary lineup featuring 50 theatre, music, opera, dance, film and visual arts events, alongside Adelaide Writers’ Week and Unsound Adelaide. The 2014 festival ran from Friday, February 28 to Sunday, 16 March.

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Epic theatre dominated the opening weekend of the festival with a Dutch theatre production from Toneelgroep Amsterdam being one of the program highlights. Roman Tragedies fused together three Shakespeare plays – Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony & Cleopatra – into one continuous six-hour performance in a contemporary setting.

On the theatre front included screen icon Isabella Rossellini in her one woman exclusive show Green Porno – a comedy about mating in the natural world. Rossellini took her audience on an unusual yet fascinating journey into the sex life and mating habits of a number of land and marine animals.

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Among the highlights of the 2014 season was the exclusive Australian debut of John Zorn with Zorn in Oz, a four-hour concert incorporating 12 different projects all incorporating material from Zorn’s Masada Songbook. This Australian premiere featured a series of around 500 melodies in the Jewish composition tradition, featuring 40 of his New York based collaborators.

Headlining the dance program for the 2014 season was Batsheva Dance Company, who made their long awaited festival return with Sadeh21. This epic dance expedition and voyage of the body was choreographed by world renowned Ohad Naharin. This emotional and abstract piece juxtaposed explosive bursts of energy with graceful, tender and lyrical passages in configurations of solo performances, duets and ensemble formations.

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has issued a videotaped message explaining his absence from the group's headlining performance at the Download festival on Sunday (June 6). A BLABBERMOUTH.NET transcript of the message follows:

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Download 2014 Festival Lineup

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'We've been going pretty hard for most of the year, as you are aware, and we had to take a little bit of a chill-out time back there in October, as some of our Latin American friends might remember. It kind of caught up with me the other day, and I had to just kind of chill out. There's no reason to bore anybody with a lot of details. But I'm fine, as you can see, and I'm looking forward to playing tonight. I had a little episode on the airplane going to Donington the other day, and I thought that it would be best to get it checked out 'cause I was having a bit of a weird half hour there. I think that the last six months of playing super-duty metal and traveling all over the world at my age kind of caught up to me a little bit. But I wanna thank, obviously, all the fans at Donington for being so supportive. And I wanna thank… From what I heard from James and Kirk and Rob, it went well. And I wanna thank, obviously, Joey from SLIPKNOT for stepping up, and Dave from SLAYER… God, I wish I could have seen that. No, on the second thought, it's probably better that I don't see it. But that's pretty cool that Joey and Dave, and of course, Flemming, my trusted companion and drum roadie for coming up on 20 years this year, [stepped up]. So I appreciate the three of those guys [filling in], I appreciate my 50,000 friends in England for being supportive and understanding. This is the first METALLICA show I've ever missed, so I still have the best track record. But sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do. So I apologize to all our friends, once again, who traveled and… We've had an awesome run in England, between Reading and Leeds and the secret Donington show and the couple of nights at Earls Court, so I'm sorry that I missed it. But I'm back here in Ludwigshafen [Germany, site of Tuesday night's METALLICA show] and we're gonna just keep going 'till we fall over. [laughs] I appreciate all the love and the support and all you fucking haters out there, I know who you are and I know where you live and I'm gonna come find you… Nah, it's all good.'

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