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Bonetown vitality download
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A few address and mods to help you with bonetown. So here are a few addresses ive come across which may help you. 'Bonetown' and then 'savegames' folder make sure you create a copy of the save before editing. The game the symbols should not be there at all. Gamechar.setsexBuff (99); again can set the value to anything you want. BoneTown is a game that combines adult themes and humor with action and adventure. The free roaming game makes liberal use of irreverent and crude subject matter, and all parts of its gameplay and storyline are infused with the game’s signature profane comedy. BoneTown 104 Patch bonetown patch, bonetown patch 1.1.1, bonetown patch 1.1 1 crack, bonetown patch 1.1 1 download, bonetown-vitality crack + patch, bonetown episode one v1.1.1 patch, bonetown patc.

That ‘s it. Every single thing about Bonetown compiled in a single file. As simple as it could be for your convenience. This release was compiled before the game went abandonware. No changes from original files since then.


This release of D-Dub’s BoneTown is for evaluation and trial purposes ONLY.
You must delete them in less than 24 hours after download.
Consider to buy the original media when available at your region.
Support the owners of its copyrights.

Release name: BoneTown (Full Game + All Extras)
Date of this release: 08/2014
Type of media: PC Game for Windows


1) Original BoneTown’s Installer
2) Original Expansion pack 1.1.1 (Episode One)
3) Crack file for the expansion pack
4) Original in-game porn video (Freshly Squeezed 3 1/2)
5) Full guide for BoneTown (.doc file)

II) Maps, secrets and cheats FOLDER

6) BoneTown’s complete Walkthrough (.doc file)
7) BoneTown’s tips and cheats (.doc file)
8) Pictures of all maps and locations (16 .png files)


9) Ebaum Nation’s Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010
10) SoCal Glamour Girls’s BoneTown’s Minigame
11) BoneTown’s Flash Minigame Satan vs Jesus
12) Save file of completed game for your convenience


Total: 28 files
Size: 2,06 GB

– PC RPG Sex Game
– Free Roaming Sandbox Style Adult Video Game

Minimum System Requirements:
– Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
– Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 2800+
– 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7)
– 3 GB hard drive space
– 128 MB of Video Memory
– Video Card supporting Pixel Shader 2.0
– DVD-ROM drive (for box version only)

Recommended System Requirements:
(Same as above except for the following)
– Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2
– 1.5 GB RAM (2 GB for Vista and Windows 7)
– 256 MB of Video Memory

The installer of this game is a self extractable executable. It is the full
version of the game. But there is no crack for it. You must install the
expansion pack and then use the crack for the expansion. In the end, you
will play the full game with all features officially released.

Step by step:

1) Select and run the installer file (BoneTown v1.0.3.exe).
It may take several minutes, depending of the configuration of your PC;
2) Right after the installation, install the expansion pack.
3) Select and run the installer file for the expansion pack
(BoneTown – Game Patch v1.1.1.exe).
It may take several minutes, depending of the configuration of your PC.
4) After installed the patch, you may install the special movie if you want.
5) Select and run the installer file for the movie (BoneTown‘s SugarDVD.exe)
Choose the destination folder were you have installed BoneTown. It will
install automatically. It may take several minutes, depending of the
configuration of your PC. (NOTE: Must have installed previous patch to
install the movie.)
6) Copy and paste the file “BoneTown.exe” from this pack to the installation
folder, overwriting the previous original file.
7) You may launch the game normally now.

I) The crack

The original game without the expansion has no working crack. All cracks
fail during dialogue scenes or when leaving starting zone. To play the
game properly, you NEED to install the expansion, which has a 100%
functional crack included in this release.

II) Freshly Squeezed 3 1/2

You do not need install the porn movie to play the game, but you also
cannot play it with other players. The game has an in-built player for
that movie only and only plays it after you complete a mission.
If you want to play it outside the game, you need to extract if from the
folder “gamedatamovies” inside the installation folder. It is split in
two files, one for video and other for audio. You will need an external
program to compile them in one .AVI file to play.

III) Full Guide

I wrote/researched a full guide for the game and it is split in 3 minor
text .doc files. One is similar to a normal Gaming Guide, the second
has many tips about the game and the third has a list of all available
cheats for the game. The Extras folder also includes maps of all areas
of the game with directions.

IV) Completed game save file

If all this is not enough for you, I also put my completed game save
file. With this file you may skip all gameplay and go just for the sex
scenes. I also organized the content of the file to help you make your
own MODS. The save file normally has all entries randomized. I took the
work to put them all in order to help further edition.

V) SoCal Glamour Girls’s BoneTown’s Minigame

That was the first Demo of the game. It has only one stance, few features
and serves only to present the game. Promoted by SCGG.

VI) Ebaum Nation’s Tiger Woods Affair Tour 2010

The controversial game about Tiger Wood’s sex scandal. Tiger Woods is a
worldwide known golf player who was involved in a sex scandal about
extramarital relations with many women. The game itself is nothing more
then the previous minigame, but your character is replaced by Tiger

VII) BoneTown’s Flash Minigame Satan vs Jesus

This was a little promo flash minigame about Satan and Jesus as
characters in BoneTown Universe.!7MBCDR7I!ELHAdUBqKkGtRe7MImmdpWzpy3k3fyRN7-KImXmBDHs

Remember this is solely for evaluation. If you want to keep the game, you
MUST BUY IT from the owners. Please, support the copyrights.

I have all data about the second game from D-Dub Software, BoneCraft,
but I need a crack for the mod kit. If you have knowledge of how it can be
done, please, leave a comment down here.

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