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  • Status Akreditasi Program Studi; Prosedur Submit Instrumen Suplemen Konversi (ISK) Melalui Sapto; Berkas BAN PT; Akreditasi Internasional. Status Akreditasi Internasional; INFORMASI TERKAIT AIPT; SERTIFIKASI. AUN Program Studi; PELATIHAN / STUDI BANDING. Info Pelatihan; Kunjungan / Studi Banding.
  • Akreditasi Nasional BAN-PT Kemristekdikti tersebut dikhususkan untuk Jurusan-jurusan pada Jenjang Strata Satu (S1) atau Program Sarjana. Jumlah program studi yang berhasil kami rekap dari PTAIN ini sebanyak 11 jurusan / program studi, yang tersebar di lingkungan fakultas di bawah naungan STAIN Kediri.

University of Nusa Cendana or abbreviated UNDANA is one of the state universities geographically located in regional/provincial areas of Indonesia and Undana is located in the city of Kupang, West Timor, the capital city of the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is the only state university located at the extreme south-east of Indonesia. It is srategically positioned at the Pacific rim and closest to neighbouring Australia, New Zealand, and Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. Since its establishment in 1962, Undana has now prevailed with 8 faculties containing 38 Departments and 40 study programmes as well as a postgraduate program with 5 master degree study programmes. Undana has; over 800 lecturers, over 13,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and over 400 supporting staff. After its 46th anniverssary on 1 September 2008, Undana has produced nearly 32,000 graduates; over 70% of whom are working at the public services in the province as well as in 20 districts within the province of NTT. Many of them are currently holding management positions; which made Undana proud of its standing in the region. However, by comparison to other universitis in Java and other countries in south east Asia, we realised that we have only prevailed mostly in teaching and has yet to play a significant role in the areas of research, and development as well as community services. Almost all research results attained by students and lecturers have not reached developmental stages towards practical application. This is the hardest part of existence especially when this university eventually becomes an autonomous higher education institution in not too distant future.

Sertifikat Ban Pt Akreditasi Program Studi

Cara Cek Akreditasi Program Studi Secara Online. Selain mengecek status dan data akreditasi kampus, pada laman yang sama juga ada layanan untuk mengecek akreditasi program studi (prodi) universitas. Berikut cara cek akreditasi prodi atau program studi. Cara Cek Akreditasi BAN PT Prodi secara online lewat Laptop. Kunjungi situs https://www. Keterangan akreditasi kampus maupun program studi lainnya dapat dilihat pada laman resmi BAN-PT Pada laman tersebut Anda bisa melihat status akreditasi di masing-masing universitas. Jika terdapat perbedaan, akreditasi program studi UNIMED terbaru dapat dilihat di halaman resmi dari BAN PT. Atau dapat kamu tuliskan pada kolom komentar di bawah ini. Jangan lupa untuk membagikan kepada saudara dan teman kamu yang membutuhkan informasi akreditasi melalui media sosial.

It is a great challenge to build Undana in various areas to achieve its objectives. Cooperation, network and support from central, provincial and district governments as well as from very well establsihed higher education institutions in-country and more importantly from overseas such as from universities/research centres in Japan and other countries in Asia, United States, European Union member countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is essential to accelerate the process of becoming a more independent and well-respected university at both national and international scene.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
108S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangBudidaya Perairan0072004C2007-03-12
208S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangNutrisi dan Makanan Ternak0122004A2009-04-16
308S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangBudidaya Pertanian0212004B2009-06-17
408S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia0522004B2009-12-21
508S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (PPKn)0162004B2009-05-07
608S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Sejarah0122004B2009-04-16
708S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Kimia0122004B2009-04-16
808S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Fisika0212004B2009-06-17
908S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangIlmu Tanah0242005B2010-12-27
1008S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangProduksi Ternak0202005B2010-10-27
1108S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangSosial Ekonomi Pertanian0232005B2010-12-22
1208S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangIlmu Hama dan Penyakit Tumbuhan0212005B2010-11-17
1308S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Ekonomi0102006B2011-08-03
1408S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Bahasa Inggris0142006B2011-09-07
1508S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangKesehatan Masyarakat0262006B2011-01-12
1608S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangTeknik Mesin0312007C2012-12-29
1708S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangIlmu Administrasi Niaga0032008B2013-05-02
1808S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangIlmu Administrasi Negara0322008B2013-12-05
1908S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Geografi0032008B2013-05-02
2008S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangTeknik Sipil0322008C2013-01-12
2108S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangTeknik Elektro0192008C2013-08-24
2208S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Biologi0022009B2014-04-02
2308S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangIlmu Hukum0212009B2014-07-31
2408S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangSosiologi0252009B2014-08-28
2508S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Teknik Elektro0102009C2014-05-23
2608S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Teknik Mesin0152009C2014-06-19
2708S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Matematika0132009C2014-06-05
2808S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangPendidikan Teknik Bangunan0152009C2014-06-19
2908S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangKimia0422010B2015-01-22
3008S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangMatematika0422010C2015-01-22
3108S1Univ. Nusa Cendana, KupangBiologi0422010C2015-01-22

Organization Chart

Ban Pt Akreditasi Program Studi

Prof. Ir. Frans Umbu Datta, M.App.Sc; PhD
Prof. DR. I.G. Arjana, MS
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Ir. D. Roy Nendissa, MPBan
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs

O.S. Eoh, SH., MS
Ir. F.H. Lawalu, MS
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Cooperations

Prof. Dr. Ir. Jublin F. Bale-Therik, MS
Drs. Lukas Bili Bora, MS
Dean, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training.

Prof. Dr. Aloysius Liliweri, MS
Ir. Agustinus Konda Malik, MS

Web Akreditasi Ban Pt

Dean, Faculty of Animal Science

Sukardan Aloysius, SH, MHum.
StudiDr. Ir. Samuel Pakan, MS
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture

Drs. M.J. Pella, M.Sc.
Ir. Gustaf Oematan, MSi
Dean, Faculty of Community Health

dr. A.A. Heru Tjahyono, Sp OG
Ir. F. L. Benu, MSi, Ph.D
Head, Undana Research Institute

Drs. Paul Isliko, MSi
Ir. Marthen M.J. Kappa, M.Agr.Sc.
Head, Institute for Development of Teaching and Learning

Ir. Heru Sutedjo, MSc., Ph.DProgram
Head, Institute for Quality Insurance and Internal audit

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Cek Ban Pt Akreditasi Program Studi

Cek ban pt akreditasi program studi
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